A journey to resilient and efficient enterprise

A leading North American food and pharmaceutical retailer has trusted Digitate to be its digital transformation journey partner since 2018. Despite having a robust infrastructure with fail-safe mechanisms in place, 120,000 incidents were reported every month. This was a major stumbling block in attaining the retail store nirvana of “always on” stores. With the help of ignio’s AI-powered, autonomous enterprise solutions, this retailer is marching toward to an ideal state of zero incident management.

ignio’s autonomous operations capabilities, leveraging features such as self-healing and pro-active prescribed resolution, have resolved 55% of the incidents and service requests with an MTTR improvement of over 90%. ignio is handling the retailer’s business process, critical application and associated infrastructure seamlessly. With its prediction capabilities, it can forecast any business service failures; hence, it can avoid potential downtime in functions such as procurement, sourcing, supply chain, and distribution center operations. This keeps the retailer’s store and online operations running despite heightened demand caused by COVID-19. ignio assured high availability of store systems (e.g. POS, electronic shelf label, pricing) through proactive management to meet demands for essential services.

Significantly, ignio is playing a key role for the retailer during the COVID-19 pandemic, enabling a smooth transition to remote working as retail stores experience surges in demand that they must meet while keeping their employees safe. With the help of ignio, the retailer enabled employee remote access and prerequisites with zero human touch, keeping the daily operations free from disruption.

The retailer’s investment in automation and AI has allowed them to deliver essential services during the COVID-19 lockdown:

  • For remote services enablement in March 2020, almost 300 Citrix requests were enabled within 10 minutes by ignio. Before, in manual mode, this was managed within five business days. Critical communication flow was maintained by healing VPN and messaging systems.
  • ignio autonomously managed almost 75 voice-to-picks device requests in March 2020 to avoid “production run breaks” for picking and supply chain processing, ensuring that the distribution center operations ran smoothly.
  • ignio autonomously resolved key pharmacy dispensing transactions to manage surge in prescription fulfillments.

The retailer continues to count on ignio as its partner in operational excellence to achieve game-changing, near real-time retail store command centers across North America to drive customer satisfaction and revenue assurance.