Autonomous Warehouse Operations: The Story of ‘Always Staying ON’

A brief case study about an American supercenter’s supply chain resiliency achieved with our award-winning application, ignioTM AIOps

Restocking products across multiple warehouses, managing the orders, labeling, dispatching, and proper documentation of these operations are imperative in the supply chain industry. Any glitch during this line of action can result in a huge loss of sales opportunity and labor time.

Download this case study to know how ignioTM AIOps:

  • Successfully managed the key business processes for the warehouse operations by providing a 360-degree view of its landscape.
  • Managed to improve the Mean Time To Detect and Repair (MTTD & MTTR) issues by 75%, thereby enhancing the team’s efficiency to devote their time for more productive tasks
  • Continual health-checks resulted in analyzing and resolving probable causes of issues with its pre-built knowledge to take actions appropriately.

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