AI augmenting intelligence in Procurement

AI enabling procurement professionals to boost organization’s efficiency and agility

The role of procurement professionals within an organization is more important than ever. With a focus to deliver the right goods at the right time, they factor in a lot of variable data that hinder business agility. Here’s where AI betters the game: to eliminate mundane tasks and shift the department mindset from focusing on the process to focus on the data.

Learn how AI assists procurement professionals in:

  • Addressing the pain points of data analysis, studying evolving buying behavior, detecting anomalies in transactions, and increasing transparency of the procurement process.
  • Defining exceptions, finding the rationale, identifying influential factors for price variance, and discovering additional exceptions.
  • Improving efficiency of the procurement process by identifying and eliminating maverick transactions.
  • Improving compliance while allowing procurement teams to become more sensitive towards real business needs.

    Predict. Prescribe. Prevent.

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