Know Which Side the Coin Will Fall

Know when to handle the bull by its horns with ignio’s autonomous operations solutions for Banking and Insurance

Improve Risk Compliance and Speed of Operations at the Same Time!

Whether it is Retail or Commercial Banking, Investments and Wealth Management or providing insurance to customers, managing Risk and Compliance is a critical part of every business operation. Ensuring that the front and back offices are running efficiently, delivering the best customer experience and being compliant to the latest regulations is no small feat!

Stability and resiliency of your IT backbone is of the utmost importance so you can free up resources from constant firefighting and focus on optimizing your systems and make them ready for growth.

Improve risk and regulatory compliance

Automate start and end of day checks

Optimize back office operations

Digitate – The Autonomous Enterprise Software

ignio creates a customer journey blueprint of business critical transactions. With it, ignio can then create context across the business process-applications-infrastructure-batch landscapes, form performance baseline across parameters and then resolve issues autonomously.

ignio can automate hundreds of system health-checks, ensuring that all customer-facing systems are up and running before start of the business day, thus reducing the Customer impacted minutes.

Digitate – The Autonomous Enterprise Software
Digitate – The Autonomous Enterprise Software

ignio detects and updates your software used in operations by pushing patches autonomously. This ensures that you are always running the latest version of your software and clear from any vulnerabilities. All this while you enjoy you morning coffee!

Predict. Prescribe. Prevent.

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