5 Key Focus Areas for a better Digital Employee Experience

By – Rahul Apte
(Product Marketing Manager | Digitate)

IT help desks are getting hit hard with work from home mandates as a result of COVID-19. Overnight, the service desk ticket volumes rose radically, SLAs are going for a toss and the wait times for ticket resolution going through the roof. Though every business is facing their own unique challenges, certain scenarios seem to emerge repeatedly with most of our customers. The common missing link is the lack of an EUEM tool which is committed to relieving the IT help desk of repetitive questions, maximizing FCR, timely Root Cause Analysis (RCA) and enterprise-wide endpoint intelligence.

Speaking to folks within the community and interacting with several of our customers, we could identify the top use-cases for EUEM products which would immediately improve the workspace experience of the digital employee. Let us understand briefly about these focus areas and how they ensure a better end-user experience.

System & Application Health

How often do you hear your colleagues scream in frustration that their ‘System crashed!’ unexpectedly? EUEM tools must fetch, report and fix OS level issues by collecting details like OS patch information, profile duplications, credentials, crash reports, boot time and more.

Each one of us uses at least 1-3 office productivity tools or business-critical applications for work every day. Issues arising due to corrupt software or abrupt application crash can significantly hamper the workspace experience. EUEM tools help keep a check on Anti-virus logs and definitions, repair corrupt installations, optimize browser performance by clearing cache, history and temp files, repair mail clients and more.

Device, Disk and Memory Health

Keeping the device and its components optimized helps them perform faster, reduces wear & tear and extends the life of an asset. A good EUEM tool help prevent memory overloads, hard disk failures while optimizing the battery life, device connectivity and other functionalities.

Network Management

On an average, an employee uses 2 or more devices to connect with their digital workspace. Work happens during commutes, business travel or from different office locations within the same company. A good EUEM tool acknowledges these changes in the network environments, sets appropriate network/ proxy settings to ensure uninterrupted connectivity.

Software Metering

One of the top priorities of any I&O team is to keep a check on their IT procurement costs without adversely impacting the employee experience. EUEM tools help identify business application extras, missing business applications, unused or idle software over a duration of time. It helps optimize software utilization within the company.

Group Policy & Security Management

Compliance is a key requirement within any organization. EUEM tools helps autonomously detect and refresh the enterprise group policy for latest updates. From a security standpoint, they also help report elevated privileges and administrators on devices within the company. For end users, they display alerts for account password expiry thus preventing unwanted lockout situations.

Most EUEM tools available on the market today limit themselves to detecting and diagnosing the issues within the EUC estate of a company. They lack the ability to ‘self-heal on device’ by offering out-of-the-box automated remediation actions that pre-empt the need to raise service desk tickets for repetitive and common endpoint issues. ignio AI.Digital Workspace is an EUEM product that has proven effective in cutting down unnecessary IT costs, warranting uninterrupted endpoint availability and accurately predicting the impact of technological changes on your IT landscape. It saves time and improves employee productivity that translates to superior customer experience, improved agility with better business outcomes.

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