Covid-19 and Beyond

By – Dheeraj Thakar
(Sales Director | Digitate)

With Covid-19 none of us can overlook the fact that our roads and highways – the arteries of commerce and all economic activity hardly see any traffic. On the other hand, all the digital pipelines or ‘e-highways’ are choked to the last “bits and bytes”. This is the macro story.

Contrastingly, at the micro-level, web portals, collaboration channels like MS Teams, WebEx, Zoom, Email and myriad other business applications are witnessing heavy traffic. As result of this overload, capacity issues, we are encountering availability and performance issues. It seems the world has turned upside down – courtesy this remote functioning.

We may not agree on the ways of dealing with this situation, but there is one thing we all can agree on. Our world after Covid-19 is not going to be the same as before. Companies, employees, customers, school kids, and seniors, everyone is forced to adjust to the new normal. This new normal means that by now we all have learned this new requirement of living – “working and carrying out our activities remotely unlike ever before”.

This new way of living and working expects a great deal from IT applications. After all, it is these applications that help us do our work – transact, collaborate, learn, entertain and relax. All these applications will now be held by all of us to a higher standard of experience. This higher expectation of experience is the perfect setting for the entry of a product like ignio™ in organizations and all around us.

ignio™ platform with its Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and automation capabilities provides the “experience assurance” that is now required more than ever before. ignio makes IT operations proactive, agilie and reliable ensuring high availability of business applications and services with a superior degree of performance. ignio at it core has the capabilities of learn context, event management, ability to perform resolution actions autonomously. The prediction feature prevent future issues by identifying the root cause thus building stability into the IT estate, ensuring IT is a reliable partner to the business of the day.

ignio products add significant value to organizations. For instance, with almost all of the workforce now working remotely and the likehood that new models of business and work will be adopted, it will become even more important to ensure the productivity of the remote workforce stays high and predictable. So resolving and preempting digital workspace issues with high turnaround time/MTTR is pivotal. ignio AI.Digital Workspace product comes into play here to maintain and elevate the productivity at every end-user level.

At an enterprise level, for IT operations issues and incidents such as with VMs servers, databases, operating systems, storage, network equipment and all the way up to the ‘http’ and other end points, ignio™ AIOps is the game changer. For financial institutions and retail companies, there is no better solution than ignio AI.Workload Management to ensure batch jobs are completed on time and SLAs are met ensuring refreshed availability of data, services and applications for the next business day or hour. Many manufacturing organizations run on ERP solutions. Ignio AI.EROps helps such organizations ensure that their ERP operations are proactive, agile and resilient.

Post this pandemic caused disruption, companies are wanting to go back to the basics of focusing on their customers and staying relevant with their offerings of products and services in the most efficient and productive way possible. The post Covid-19 world has a lot of its work cut out for us all and ignio will play its part to help heal and grow this new world.

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