COVID 19 – Rejigging IT Operations

By – Leena Jain
(Product Evangelist | Digitate)

“Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall” – Confucius

Right now, the human race is facing unparalleled times. Our normal world order seems to have turned upside down by a miniscule virus. The world is waiting to see the day when normalcy is restored. The virus has impacted all walks of life and has inflicted some irreversible consequences in the nature of doing business. It is also anticipated that globally, there would be a huge economic fallout, the signs of which have already started showing up.

The immediate priority of enterprises is to stay afloat, maintain continuity of business and adapt to the changing environment such as lockdowns, employee and customer safety, decentralized and virtual ways of working. The crisis has mandated organizations to revisit their operations and processes through a digital lens. The traditional responsibilities of the Information Technology (IT) industry – providing communication, operations support and infrastructure, have now taken a back seat. New and more critical duties of mobilizing the task force, enabling virtual and remote ways of working, adopting new strategies to keep the business wheels spinning have emerged and that too at a very short notice.

Traditional IT has always been viewed as a cost center. We have witnessed innumerable debates about the benefits that technology delivers versus the snags. Innovations of the technology sector are so seamlessly adopted into our daily lives that they are almost taken for granted. There is no better opportunity for technology to shine than in the times of a crisis. The external environment today is reducing the business inertia and acting as an accelerator for enterprises to adopt digital transformation strategies and deliver a greater good. So, how has IT sprinkled its magic?

Empathy – During the time of crisis when organizations are consumed in assessing their state of affairs, IT is of prime importance in sustaining the business by having a deep understanding of customer needs, gaining real insight into the root issues and delivering targeted solutions. Business needs can be addressed effectively by combining human talent and advanced technology – thereby converging on the strategic prerequisites to fight the virus.

Innovation – Unprecedented times call for unprecedented solutions. There is no better time for IT to shine than during the crisis by offering innovative and superior solutions which have the power to change the business prospects of any organization and lower the risks of operations. Multiple industries and organizations are already reaping the benefits of investing in innovative technologies such as smart chatbots, intelligent command centers, zero manual touch and self-healing operations, biometrics, robotics, etc.

Agility – The first priority of businesses is to stabilize things as quickly as possible. It means assessing change opportunities and effectively executing full delivery of the plan to turn around operations. Enterprises can embrace risk and try their options by adopting fail fast systems and flexible technology architecture. Also, to identify the best solution, scaled down versions of products/systems can be designed and tested quickly with the aim of developing best solution for the problems identified.

Resiliency – The ability to endure economic shocks, handle unforeseen situations and to emerge from it stronger and better positioned to handle customer needs, while delivering seamless customer experiences. To withstand shocks, IT systems are prepared to provide continuity from any remote location. With intelligent automation products such as ignio™, customers can be assured of cognitive operations with minimal human support, which is very likely during current shutdowns, thus reducing cost and improving efficiency of operations.

AI and ML – Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are revolutionizing the way in which businesses run. Even today, for day-to-day operations, as well as critical business decisions, there is substantial dependence on tacit knowledge, intuition and experience that people have gathered over the years. This is in jeopardy during the current pandemic situation. When this experience is coupled with data driven and AI powered recommendations, the results are phenomenal. It reduces uncertainty to a great extent and provides a technological edge in staying ahead of the competition.

What Should You Opt For?

ignio™ AIOps, with its judicious blend of AI/ML and Automation, improves reliability, resiliency, and agility of Enterprise IT Operations. It creates deep visibility and understanding of the Enterprise IT landscape by learning context. ignio eliminates noise, predicts emergent conditions, triages issues, manages alerts, and improves MTTR by handling incidents. ignio drives productivity and agility by intelligently performing actions and prevents future issues by optimizing operations proactively.

We are all facing tough times, which are both unpredictable and unclear. But when this is all over, we will witness the emergence of a new normal in which IT has effortlessly made enterprises faster, smarter and leaner.

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