Delivering Value through AIOps

Feature Tells but Value Sells is true across all walks of life. While features define the product, the customer defines the value they discern from it. The perceived value of a product is unique to every customer and has a significant effect on the purchase decision of the customers. Imagine walking into a retail store to buy a laptop which would help you accomplish work on the go. As you enter, you see that every system has a feature sheet placed next to it which primarily talks about its specifications (4GB RAM, 256 MB hard disk, etc.) The different brand representatives detail the product benefits to you (high processing speed, high storage capacity, etc.) The features and its subsequent benefits might intrigue you, but eventually you buy a laptop that is small, lightweight and easy to carry. Here, value for you is Mobility.

Now, let’s apply the same concept to a B2B Enterprise setup where IT critically impacts business and billions of dollars are at stake. For Enterprises struggling with a complex technological landscape combined with slow, reactive and siloed IT Operations, merely articulating an AIOps solution in terms of AI and ML, with hundreds of features is not enough. Vendors need to translate the features into values and answer the basic question – What’s in it for the customer? Businesses are looking for the actual value realized in terms of agility, efficiency and resilience of IT to meet their customers’ expectation of a great digital experience.

So what values should an AIOps product hit upon to make a substantial impact for the customers?

Business Values

  • Improved Business Outcome – Everybody today is trying to be more efficient with the resources they have, in terms of people, systems and technology. Possibly, use even fewer resources to generate more output. Hence, by ensuring zero downtime of critical applications through autonomous incident resolution, AIOps helps minimize revenue risk for Enterprises through improved Business Availability and efficiency. IT costs are reduced and profits maximized – isn’t this what enterprises strive for?

  • Improved Business AgilityBusinesses want to meet customer demands and are hence implementing changes rapidly, with a dire need for Agility. AIOps, with its perfect blend of AI and Automation acts as an enabler for IT agility, thus allowing ease of change in the Enterprise IT landscape. Through proactive and autonomous IT operations, AIOps is allowing IT operations teams to focus on other strategically important activities. This IT agility further translates directly to business agility.

  • Enhanced Customer Experience – Businesses thrive on customer experience. It is influenced by numerous factors which includes service availability, usability of the system and enabling customers to accomplish their interaction with the business smoothly and successfully. Missing either one will result in an unhappy customer who is likely to go somewhere else. AIOps addresses the above factors by helping in the reduction of outages and improving availability through faster root cause analysis and autonomous self-healing of incidents.

Operational Values

  • Reduced Alerts – The main challenge for operations team is dealing with an overwhelming amount of alerts from multiple sources. A human eye cannot identify patterns or understand issues from the sheer volume of alerts. An AIOps solution helps remove false alerts, correlates and aggregates ones with commonalities, and identifies alerts that are new and unknown. This enables the operations team to focus on critical alerts which have an impact on the performance or business operations. This helps in efficient triaging and resolution.

  • Reduced MTTR for Events and Service Requests – If there is an outage or any other infrastructure issue, the key concern for Enterprises is to have the issue analysed and resolved in the fastest time and have the system up and running. This is when MTTR/MTTD becomes the focal point for consideration. By leveraging contextual awareness of the Enterprise, AI and automation, AIOps performs precise root cause identification and autonomous incident resolution.

  • Predict and Prevent Events – Today’s IT operations are mostly reactive in nature with solutions identifying, analyzing and resolving issues once the disruption has already happened. Hence, today’s need is of a virtual expert which learns the behaviour of the Enterprise’s IT landscape and uses that information to identify a pattern and predict future problems before they impact the business – be it performance issues, capacity issues, or anomalies among others.

Enterprises that have deployed AIOps solutions have experienced transformational benefits. While, it is only a matter of time before AIOps gains mainstream adoption, however, scepticism prevails among the customers for embracing it. Hence, it becomes all the more necessary for solution providers to highlight the core values that will resonate with the customer to differentiate themselves in this growing market.

By – Shalini Poddar

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