Digitate Earns BIG Innovation Award Recognition!

Our persistent push towards innovation has led us at Digitate to become a leading IT cognitive system amongst Fortune 500 companies. We have grown and learned a lot these past 18 months since our inception, and are proud to be selected as a 2017 BIG Innovation Award Finalist!

The annual BIG Innovation Awards, hosted by The Business Intelligence Group, recognizes organizations that are bringing new ideas and practices into various industries.

“The sheer pace of innovation is accelerating in virtually every industry as new technology allows corporations and other organizations to rethink how they approach and solve real problems that affect the way we work, love and play,” says Maria Jimenez, chief operating officer of the Business Intelligence Group.

Unlike other award programs, nominations are judged by reputable industry leaders who are in the mix of things, not only editors or writers.

What differentiates ignio™ from the rest is that has developed extraordinary abilities not only to sift through and make connections between vast volumes of data, but also to constantly teach itself new information. It learns from human actions and procedures – mimicking only the accurate actions. It is also pre-loaded with pre-built knowledge that typically consists of 80% of our clients’ project needs.

To learn more about cognitive systems and ignio™ check out this video where Dr. Harrick Vin, ignio creator, speaks about the future of enterprise AI.

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