Embracing the New Normal – with ignio™

By – Sikta Misra
(Business Development Manager | Digitate)

We are living in these unprecedented times. If it were not the present, it would have seemed more like a scene out of a science fiction book or movie.

The COVID-19 pandemic is taking a heavy toll on our health and our lives. The global lockdown, social distancing and reduced spending capacity have taken a toll on many businesses. It is true that our world will never be the same again. However, it is in these grim times that the true spirit of human resilience shines through! As we survive through the pandemic, with every passing moment, we are preparing for a fast-evolving new normal.

So, the million-dollar question is – how can we shape our new normal?

The answer – playing to our strengths.

One of the key strength in today’s era is our well-developed network of robust Information Technology (IT) ecosystems that keeps our disrupted and smoldering world economy alive. Whether it is the world’s stock exchange staying functional, scores of people working from home, staying connected with families and friends through apps, or even ordering home essentials online – all these activities are enabled by a robust IT backbone. Though many aspects of the evolving world order are still in flux, these hyper-connected, networked economies, powered by IT at their core, are here to stay. So, we ought to plan to make Enterprise IT an integral part of our evolving business models.

The fact that we are already knee-deep into the Age of Digitization helps. Every enterprise that thrives in the post-pandemic world, will be powered by a hyper-networked IT ecosystem, which at the core is powering the Digital Economy. The health and stability of Enterprise IT will be paramount. The Digital Networked economies of the near future shall carry within themselves the attribute of instantaneous amplification of all events – both the benefits and the consequences will be steep and pronounced.

While it is true that issues like server crashes and clogged Message Queues is an expensive affair, ensuring secure and seamless IT operations even in unprecedented scenarios will eventually prove to be a means of revenue generation and credibility-building for enterprises. Thus, while we reimagine future business operations, it is of utmost importance that the right systems are built the right way, ensuring the systems interact efficiently and are error-free.

Digitate is out on a mission to empower the digital enterprises of the future.

Let’s assume a support executive trained in 40 of the highly valuable technologies powering the IT systems applies for a job in your reputed organization? Would you hire him? Wouldn’t it be impractical to let such talent go? That is what Digitate’s ignio™ suite is – a highly-skilled, ultra-capable tech expert that organizations can trust to make a difference!

Driven by AI/ML, ignio™ software suite for autonomous Enterprises is envisioned to switch an enterprise’s digital transformation story from ‘survive’ mode to ‘thrive’ mode!

ignio™ products are intelligent cross-siloed software that thinks and act just as a human IT experts would, but at the speed of machines! ignio™ gets augmented to the human IT workforce on the ground especially on mission-critical operations of an enterprise. When implemented right, this approach brings unprecedented efficiency, resilience, and agility to digital enterprises.

ignio™ can be deployed on-premise, on cloud, hybrid or can even be subscribed to on ignio™ SaaS!

The longer it engages with an ecosystem, the more ignio™ learns about the components – their evolution and their behavior. It is the wise ally for an enterprise that silently studies and does its work behind the scenes to hold together its smart digitized ecosystem, while enterprises can plan and execute on IT, the strategies for building the future of business!

Digitate is a trustworthy partner that ensures that enterprises stay at the top of their game in the Digital Age. Digitate is doing this today for its 150+ valued customers worldwide.

So, are you ready to embrace the new normal?

Is your enterprise ready to embark on its Digital journey ahead powered ‘by ignio™’?

The turning point to your enterprise’s Digital Transformation journey is just a click away.

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