Exploring the Essence of AIOps

By – Shalini Poddar
(Product Marketing Manager | Digitate)

The evolution of technology necessitating digital business transformation is redefining Enterprise IT Operations. This paradigm shift in IT management techniques has led to the creation of a new market category within the ambit of Enterprise IT called AIOps. Over the last few years, the industry has witnessed significant growth in the application of AIOps across different domains. According to a recent study, the AIOps market was worth $1.64 billion in 2019 and this is expected to reach $6.88 billion by 2025.1 Even Gartner estimates the size of the AIOps platform market at $300 million – $500 million per year.2

With an increase in scale, complexity and accelerating change in technology footprints, AIOps is not just an option, but the need of the hour. It helps transform enterprise IT operations from being slow & reactive to agile & proactive, thus addressing the key IT operational and business challenges. Enterprises today continue to struggle with identifying the correct tools for their IT landscape management. With limited understanding, they invest in a plethora of monitoring and other management tools and end up amidst confusion and the inability to generate the required insights for analyzing and resolving the incidents.

This volume and complexity of data can be quite overwhelming. A traditional and siloed approach for IT operations can never match the scale of this data. Hence, the need for an evolving and scalable solution that can combine big data, analytics and automation to help gain full-stack visibility across hybrid environments, predict failures and their direct impact on business, and provide a resilient and efficient IT – the answer lies in ‘AIOps ’.

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