ignio AIOps: Bringing Intelligence to Alert Management

The average person checks their smartphone 52 times a day – and not because they love the picture on their lock screens. It’s because they get an average of 46 notifications a day: alerts that they’ve gotten an email, a text, an Instagram like, a new Twitter follower and so on. It’s enough to give a person notification fatigue.

It’s even worse for enterprises. Their increasingly complex systems – hardware devices, virtual machines, middleware and applications – generate a flood of alert notifications, so many that the helpdesk/operations teams cannot possibly keep up. Some of those alerts are critical, requiring swift action, but it’s difficult to sift through the deluge of notifications to find them.

That’s why we created the ignio AIOps solution. ignio AIOps blends intelligence and automation to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of enterprise IT data center operations. It offers a suite of features for intelligent alerts management, generating just the right alerts at the right time.

We’ve written a white paper to provide more information on intelligent alert management, including the four key points to understand about alert issues and how ignio AIOps addresses them. You can read the full white paper here

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