ignio™AIOps – Handling Incidents, the Intelligent way !!!

By – Shalini Poddar
(Product Marketing Manager | Digitate)

Digital Workspace Manages Alerts
Based on a Gartner industry survey, the average cost of an IT downtime is $5,600 per minute that averages to approx. $300,000 per hour. Another more recent research from Ponemon Institute raises this average to $9000 per minute, that is more than half a million dollars every hour. Every year this cost is increasing multifold along with the complexity and count of the incidents associated with these outages. The flood of tickets due to a single outage can really be overwhelming for your service desk, which is constantly in a fire-fighting mode. Adding to their dismay, the siloed ITSM and ITOM tools lead to lack of correlation between similar issues, causing effort duplication in finding the cause of the incidents and resolving them.

The current scale and complexity of Enterprise IT makes it almost impossible for IT operators to manually identify, correlate, prioritize and resolve incidents rapidly. Thus, an AI/ML driven solution is required which can process the data from disparate systems and resolve such incidents on time.

At Digitate we understand this, hence the conception of ignio™ AIOps which is a unique culmination of enterprise context, insights and automation for autonomous IT operations. With a set of smart features, it intelligently handles detected incidents through rapid and first-time-right diagnosis and action prescription.

To know more about how the presence of ignio™ AIOps in your IT environment improves the incident management lifecycle, read the full white paper here.

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