ignio™ is Now 2 Years Old!

We are excited to celebrate ignio’s 2nd birthday on June 4th, 2017. What makes this anniversary so special is some of the great achievements our clients have had with us over the past year!

Over 90% Accuracy in Predicting Future Batch Jobs Impacts

One of our clients, a large global financial institution, had been trying to reduce the time needed to roll out new capabilities to their customers. The main problem that had prevented them from making rapid changes were the 20,000 batch jobs that would run every night. These batch jobs were critical for business operations, yet it was incredibly complex to make changes to them. Typically, a few weeks or months were needed to analyze the potential impact to the business prior to making a change (for example, adding a new batch job to the system). In addition, there is currently no tool in the market that can analyze all of the data across multiple batch job schedulers, which often operate in silos.

What ignio offers is the ability to work across job schedulers from multiple major vendors. It gathers information that is fed into the Blueprint mechanism and then establishes the interconnected relationships across various business processes. Rather than weeks or months, ignio can provide impact analysis within a couple of hours. Furthermore, our client was able to conduct “what-if” analysis to simulate additional changes that they want to make in the future. This has given them tremendous agility that they had previously lacked.

Onboarding New Employees in Two Hours

Employee onboarding continues to be a major challenge for our clients. The traditional process of setting up a new employee — in which HR initiates a series of tickets or emails — has been painful for all stakeholders.

Most organizations have no dedicated onboarding specialist. Instead, the tasks would be distributed amongst the IT team, who typically handle the account and email provisioning in addition to a multitude of regular tasks that take priority. As a result, it could take up to 10 days before a new employee is set up with the proper access and security permissions. This is not only frustrating for the new hires, but for their managers and colleagues as well.

However, the typically disjointed and inefficient onboarding process has now been revolutionized — ignio has proven that employee onboarding can be accomplished in two hours! It does so by first integrating with all of the key systems such as IT, HR, security, and facilities. Then, when a new employee request is made, it immediately works to provision the individual based on their job profile, geographical region, business unit, security clearance, and so forth. This eliminates all of the previous red tape and bottlenecks faced when onboarding a new hire, leading to an increase in overall employee satisfaction.

“Our internal employee satisfaction had been in the red in the last few years. ignio has turned green in a short period of time!”

—HR manager of a retail multinational

ignio Highlights

  • Intelligently manages over 1,000,000 infrastructure resources including servers, storage, databases, network, and more.
  • Filed over 46 new patents on intelligent automation since our last birthday
  • Launched ignio for Batch and ignio for SAP ERP
  • SAP certified

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