IT Ops: Not Your Father’s Firefighter Any More

Why automate, and what’s the value to the enterprise?

Ask anybody who hears the satisfying sounds of a system smoothly booting up: Information technology (IT) are the good guys. They’re all about helping people do what they need to get done—promptly, reliably, cost-effectively, and error-free. To maintain that high bar, IT spends about 40 percent of the budget on managing day-to-day operations alone—ensuring reliable daily operation of the business and infrastructure.

So why would IT ever be considered the “bad guys” in an organization? Yet, 54 percent of business leaders actually think that IT fails to meet business needs. There are certain misapprehensions about this vital but deeply technical and even mysterious realm.

For one, IT often isn’t seen as strategic but rather a “necessary evil.” That means many challenges of perception are out there that affect everybody, starting with the CIO. Technologies may be revolutionary, but the planning and running of those advances are still manual and reactive. In fact, 80 percent of outages are due to people and process issues. That’s where ignio comes in— “igniting change” with its innovative, cognitive automation. Instead of having to explicitly program rules and automation, an approach that doesn’t scale or endure amid rapid change, ignio brings human brain-like contextual awareness, composable skills, and pattern-recognition capabilities: it’s cognitive.

The world’s first cognitive system for enterprise IT.

As a cognitive system, ignio understands how applications relate all underlying infrastructure components. It can learn various systems applications, perform actions autonomously, and actually drive smart decisions.

How? For one, ignio embodies prebuilt knowledge about IT infrastructure technologies, thanks to the thirty-year experience of its parent, industry pioneer TCS. So ignio automatically captures and creates a full blueprint of the entire infrastructure. It then uses this contextual information about the business to make its smart decisions and perform tasks.

When ignio enters your data sources and systems, it teaches itself the technical function of the enterprise, so it can automatically, proactively spot performance and other problems without human hand-holding—and that’s revolutionary.

What distinguishes ignio is its sharp, targeted focus on the IT domain rather than business processes like other solutions. It’s aimed straight at the keep-the-lights-on challenges that consume the bulk of IT’s time. Its purpose is to help people master their goals.

Only ignio delves for the root of the problem, not just fixes it in that instance. Similar to a human being, once we understand how to do analytical introspection, we ask, is there an easier way? Can I optimize and do things a little better?

In a batch job analysis, for example, you can now strategize and plan for the future. “If I change just one batch job, what’s the downstream effect on my other jobs?” ignio is the only solution that actually arcs from the simple and procedural all the way to the exploratory and ability to strategize for the future. Try doing that with record and replay tools!

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