Konnichiwa, ignio Has Arrived in the Land of Robots—Japan!

We are excited to announce the official launch of ignio in Japan! And also to begin working with Mitsubishi Corporate, our first customer there. Mr. Takeshi Higuchi, the General Manager of the IT Planning Department, says,

“…the flow-on effects of IT system stability will contribute not only to improved work efficiency and reduced workplace errors, but also to the creation of business value.”

Since ignio first launched, several Japanese companies had approached us – they wanted ignio to help them transform their IT infrastructure. Initially, we had not planned to enter the Japan market, but after several requests and further consideration we decided to go for it.

There is no doubt that Japan is at the forefront of technology. They lead in research and innovation across robotics, software, and such — so why would they turn to us, essentially a Silicon Valley start-up, for help?

Although technology rapidly advanced in Japan, companies were having challenges keeping up. The IT environment had grown so complex that it would IT to hire large number of IT experts. This is simply unattainable as there are only so many IT experts in the market. Hiring more was not enough for them to evolve alongside their technology. Too many elements were changing at once, traditional solutions quickly become outdated.

In the beginning, companies turned to automation. Despite the adoption of automation, they were unable to adapt to frequent changes in their environment due to the fact that the automation was pre-deterministic and rigid. They learned that these early implementations of robotic automation actually caused more problems than they resolved!

That’s where ignio comes in. ignio does not use scripting or “primitive” automation, but rather it assembles a series of skills to accomplish a task at a higher level and uses the context to determine the correct course of action. If there are changes in the environment, ignio will automatically know how to apply relevant skills. Instead of having an army of people trying to manage “robotic automation,” ignio can do so effectively with little supervision.

Today’s companies understand that “business as usual” is not sustainable. That is why they are keen to find an innovative solution like ignio to better manage their IT.

Stay tuned to hear how ignio addresses even more IT issues. Don’t forget to follow us at @iam_ignio for more updates!

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