Rise of Automation, Conundrum for MSPs

By – Andrew Sunley
(UK Channel Partner Manager | Digitate)

The rise of AI has inundated AI products in the market, making the life of Managed Service Providers (MSPs) complex. Services powered by Cognitive Automation with out-of-the-box (OOB) capabilities not only provide instant gratification and benefits, but also provide larger benefits in the long term.

Today, there is a lot of competition not only in the AI products space but also in the MSP space. This means that customers are spoilt for choice and want more for their money; whether it is additional services, improved SLAs, or reduced costs.

To stay competitive and address the customer demands, MSPs need to focus on a few key areas:

  • The well-known “more for less” conundrum

How do you keep your operational costs to a minimum while still being able to provide that top-level service and offer more than your competitors? Skilled staff is an expensive affair, so as you grow, so do your costs. But what if you lose a big client or a few smaller ones? You are now over-resourced. How would you handle this? Do you predict that you can achieve optimal levels again in a short amount of time? Or do you layoff staff to reduce these high costs?

A good Cognitive automation solution like ignio should give you the ability to scale up or down as needed, so you are only paying for the number of systems you are managing for your customers. Moreover, a virtual worker who will never take a sick day, has 100% employee satisfaction, never makes mistakes, never requests a pay raise, and can’t be poached by a competitor.

  • Profit

Let’s be honest, profits make the world go round. A product like ignio can help you reduce costs and enhance SLAs simultaneously. You can leverage this to offer higher SLAs to upsell or keep costs at par with lower operational costs.

  • Rapid growth

The ability to scale up infinitely by adding additional licenses allows you to grow your business instantly instead of finding the right people to trust your business with. A scalable solution like ignio acts as a key differentiator, enabling you to win new business since you already have the capacity for additional workloads.

  • Making your operations efficient

Giving the machine the “first right of refusal” to manage and act upon the mountains of tickets, alerts, and alarms drastically reduces the Mean Time to Resolution (MTTR). This also reduces the workload that requires human intervention, ensuring your skilled staff can concentrate on high priority incidents with the Automation already in place.

What Should You Opt For?

ignio™ AIOps, with its judicious blend of AI/ML and Automation, improves the reliability, resiliency, and agility of Enterprise IT Operations. It creates deep visibility and understanding of the Enterprise IT landscape by learning context. ignio eliminates noise, predicts emergent conditions, triages issues, manages alerts, and improves MTTR by handling incidents. ignio™ drives productivity and agility by intelligently performing actions and prevents future issues by optimizing operations proactively.

Digitate is the Ideal Partner for Managed Service Providers

Our MSP partner program allows you to benefit from having a world-class, award-winning solution to help run your business and provide essential services to your customers.

We don’t just sell our products and leave you to it. We work with our partners to look at new use cases and niche services for joint go-to-market solutions. We understand if your business grows then ours does, too. That is why we actively work with our partners to develop their business and invest in growing together. Get in touch with us today.

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