The Right Questions to Ask on Your Automation Journey

IT has revolutionized businesses. However, the way IT itself is run in most enterprises is still very people-centric and reliant upon tacit knowledge and intuition. This lends itself naturally to Robotic or Run-book automation initiatives with a fairly straightforward goal of achieving direct cost savings by reducing manual effort spent on repetitive activities. While such script-based automation yields quick, bite-sized wins, most organizations soon realize that the accelerating pace of changes in business context and needs, the increasing complexity of technology and operations, and rising technology-centric operational risks far outmatches traditional automation efforts. There is a critical need for an intelligent system which can keep up with technology churn, understand your business processes and can also be customized to your industry domain and business model. Some tactical and long-term ‘How do I’ questions to start off with include:

  • How do I transform my IT organization from an escalation center into a business growth support center?
  • How do I maintain my IT Operational costs at optimum and industry-standard levels?
  • How does my organization keep up with maturing technologies in the market?
  • How do I identify a tested, industry-recognized and customer-referenceable software product without creating any kind of lock-in down the line?
  • How do I reap the benefits after buying/deploying such a software product?
  • How do I cut losses due to infrastructure outages and unplanned downtimes?
  • How do I predict delays and SLA breaches in critical business applications by applying state-of-the-art AI and ML techniques?
  • How do I add to my top line by having a robust, responsive and resilient IT system?

As organizations gain steam on their automation journey, it is important to keep at it and always have a roadmap of use cases that you want to tackle next. Script-based automation and robotic process automation will definitely get you started and are usually the first steps for many enterprises, but to maximize value, you would want to gravitate from tactical and siloed automation towards smarter enterprise platforms which can analyze, learn, recommend and take actions.

Best of luck on your journey! Onwards and upwards!

by Abhishek Bhattacharya, Senior Product Specialist

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