Too Good to be True!

During the advent of the Industrial Revolution in the 18th century, when farming was the main source of business activity, few early adopters in Manchester were busy doing their gig on new-age machines. By the start of 19th century, Manchester had become a full-blown industrial economy and the population of the city grew to 40 times its original size.

Artificial intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) have been researched extensively in the 20th century and they have intrigued academia, researchers, and businesses alike. However, even the best hypotheses would need economics to support mass adoption. The advent of internet search engines reduced the “cost of search”. Similarly, the reduction of the “cost of prediction” seems to make AI and ML successful in everyday life. In the last decade, we have seen a massive increase in the volume of data collected and processed, matched by a huge improvement in computing power — while costs have decreased. These all work together to create a “perfect storm” for AI and ML to penetrate mainstream business activities.

In the three years discussing ignio™ with customers, peers, and friends, I have come across the statement “too good to be true” many times. The beauty and brain of ignio to conduct real-time temporal and spatial correlation across different layers of technology to isolate and predict faults and execute recommended actions to fix the faults is unheard of. This was never attempted before in IT operations by machine. It was always the prerogative of experienced and expert humans to analyze and take corrective actions. ignio has turned the model upside down with machines having first right of refusal to predict and fix IT Operations problems.

These moments of “too good to be true” are no different from what farmers would have experienced during the initial days of the Industrial Revolution. The difference this time is that, while it took decades for the Industrial Revolution to become mainstream, I am convinced that the unleashing of human ingenuity with today’s continually reducing cost of prediction will make AI and ML mainstream in our lives within just a few years.

I have joined the bandwagon of AI and ML for a roller coaster ride. Will you?

by Rajiv Nayan

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