Transforming Business with Performance and Capacity Management

By – Kishor Gujarathi

(Product Owner | ignioTM Proactive Problem Management | Digitate)

There is an increase in business demands and acceleration in the rate of change in technology adoption by organizations. Owing to this, Enterprise IT operations is struggling to cope and manage the scale of services and the underlying infrastructure. This complex landscape increases the probability of service disruption and ad-hoc investments in infrastructure, thus impacting resiliency and cost of operations. If the organization has opted for the Cloud, this complexity is further compounded.

Performance and availability of applications and their underlying infrastructure is key to a resilient and efficient operation. Here, applications can process the projected business volumes within the SLA limits on optimal infrastructure or optimal use of infrastructure to meet future business demands. But what happens when the balance is off?

Here are some of the typical business scenarios impacted by performance and capacity issues.

To overcome this, businesses need an effective Performance and Capacity Management (PCM) solution which helps identify hotspots in services and IT infrastructure, and opportunities for optimization proactively. It will also help meet the growing business demands with minimum infrastructure investments and zero impact on service and business SLAs.

Let us take an example of a hardware capacity issue. ignioTM leverages its integration with ITOM tools and captures the metrics such as utilization data, utilization pattern and business periods to identify if the hardware entity is healthy with respect to performance and capacity. It analyzes the data to provide an integrated view of the capacity consumption of physical and virtual infrastructure. This helps determine the possible risks and scope for optimizing infrastructure capacity which operators can focus on. It not only provides insights related to the observed problem indicators, but also recommends capacity sizing to avoid any disruptions. After the recommendations are accepted with additional configurations, it assists the user in taking appropriate actions by raising a change management request or a service request, thus closing the loop.

ignioTM also forecasts the infrastructure capacity required to meet the current consumption, ensuring that critical business services always have the required capacity to operate efficiently.

As businesses evolve to become an autonomous enterprise, a well-implemented performance and capacity solution is central to alleviate the growth risks and optimize the costs of an ‘up and running’ Enterprise IT landscape. ignio’s Performance and Capacity Management solution is built on the key philosophy of Learn, Resolve and Prevent.

Learn – It provides a unified view of the capacity consumption of physical and virtual infrastructure and services by building relationships between different infrastructure elements and services. It learns the context of historical, configuration and current operations information.

Resolve – It identifies the root cause of the infrastructure and service problem and prescribes the best action in observations and recommendations. This provides experts with sufficient information to take appropriate actions.

Prevent – The solution offers early identification of infrastructure or service capacity related risks and areas of optimization. Thus, it helps perform the appropriate actions. For example, ignioTM could identify systems with potential risks for violating their thresholds or systems to saturate in the future. It also provides recommendations to avoid any outages due to infrastructure or services.

By continuously analyzing ITOM data and co-relating it with workloads, ignioTM PCM will provide meaningful infrastructure and service capacity insights, thus enabling proactive identification of problems across Infrastructure, Storage, Network, and Applications.

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