Uncovering the Potential: Server Decommissioning

The introduction of Virtual Machines in the IT landscape was a path-breaking phenomenon which carried the potential of forever altering the way organizations designed their IT architectures. Gone were the challenges that came with structuring the entire landscape on the basis of only physical servers. Virtual Machines were the new black, and Windows Virtual Machines (VMs) paved way for a greater scope and simplified the construction of Infrastructure. In no time Windows Virtual Machines sprouted all over the valley.

In the last two decades, what started as sprouts grew into a dense rain forest — the kind whose roots grew in many directions and integrated with such ardor that cutting out the weeds became an onerous and painstaking task. In cutting out the weeds (i.e. decommissioning a Windows virtual server) ignio™ saw potential, potential not only to make a difference in a complex network, but also to test its own capabilities, thus uncovering its own potential.

Using ignio, Windows virtual server decommissioning was implemented in one of the largest multifaceted environments. The requirement was the removal of 30 to 40 virtual machines per month, and each VM decommissioning was taking a month’s time to complete. In essence, the weeds were growing out of control while cutting them out was a slow and required human intelligence and skill. ignio took the mantle of uprooting the weeds, identifying and integrating with more than fifteen technology points, such as Control M, Microsoft SCOM, LogRhythm, CommVault, SQL Database, VCenter VMWare, and Active Directory. ignio combined with BMC Remedy and Microsoft Scorch to revolutionize a legacy decommission workflow, and introduced a brand-new workflow which enabled successful automation of all the decommission steps. This brought down a legacy MTTR SLA from 30 days to just 10 days, inducing an over 60% reduction over the existing timelines.

In the process of implementing a never-been-done-before use case, ignio uncovered its own potential. In the workflow design, the knowledge of automation paves the way for Windows Physical Server Decommissioning, SQL Database Decommissioning, and Linux Server Decommissioning. This is how ignio is driving the way forward, uprooting the weeds with an ease previously undreamed of.

by Jayant Phatak

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