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Igniting change, Intelligently – The cognitive automation solution for exponential enterprises

Artificial intelligence that reduces downtime, achieves high business assurance, and provides customer delight.

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Wowing customers with the best experience while assuring the business against any risk, coping with the challenges of digitization and business transformation and ensuring business stability is what management juggles with every day. You can achieve this effortlessly with the world’s most advanced cognitive automation solution that will power your enterprise to the future and beyond.

Meet ignio™

Learn. Resolve. Prevent.

Redefine your business model by digitizing outdated manual modes of operation into streamlined digital workflows powered by AI that improve effectiveness and efficiency

ignio™ implemented at the core is your trusted partner in your journey to become an exponential enterprise. It allows you to digitally transform your operations, moving from outdated manual ways of working into digital streamlined workflows. Your processes don’t just become automated, but proactive and predictive, leading to stakeholder delight, employee satisfaction and an enhanced customer experience.


ignio™ learns

Mines information about entities, relationship between entities, run-time metrics and events from structured and unstructured data sources. The machine learning systems constantly learns your business context—giving you real-time insights on possible issues in your system.


ignio™ resolves

Judicious blend of model-driven engineering and cognitive automation across multiple technologies keeps your business running effortlessly. Cognitive automation and modeled enterprise policies make adaptation to technology evolution and to any enterprise policy changes easy. Digitate’s developer studio enables easy extension and customization of out-of-box automation content.


ignio™ prevents

With Artifical Intelligence, you get alerts on future system inconsistencies, allowing you to take action ahead of time, mitigating risks and amplifying your business outcomes.

Build your enterprise with ignio™ at the core


Happy shoppers with straight-through transactions


Stream more with resilient networks


More smiles with frictionless journeys

Power & Energy

Endless joy with amplified services

Banking and Financial Services

Peace of mind with safe transactions


Content customers with error-free processes

Consumer Packaged Goods

Keep moving with uninterrupted supply chains
ignio™ at the core is your perfect partner