EMA Leaders in Advanced IT Analytics (AIA)

A Buyer’s Guide for Investing in Innovation

Digitate has been selected as a leader in Advanced IT Analytics (AIA)
To achieve this, Digitate met the following criteria:

  • Support for performance, availability and change impact awareness with both real-time and historical insights.
  • Assimilation of data from cross-domain sources in high data volumes for cross-domain insights.
  • The ability to access multiple data types, e.g. events, KPIs, logs, flow, configuration data, etc.
  • Capabilities for self-learning, to deliver predictive, and/ or prescriptive, and/or if/then actionable insights.
  • Support for a wide range of advanced heuristics such as multivariate analysis, machine learning, streaming data, tiered analytics, cognitive analytics, etc.
  • Potential use as strategic overlay that may assimilate or consolidate multiple monitoring investments.
  • Support for private cloud, public cloud, as well as hybrid/legacy environments.
  • Successful completion of this unique EMA assessment, including required dialogs with customer deployments.

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