Harness the power through Automation

Tap into windows of opportunities with ignio’s autonomous operations for energy and utilities

Bid Disruptions Goodbye!

The energy and utilities are among the heavily regulated sectors. Disruptions can impact millions. Energy generation, trading, distribution network, metering and billing are all critical activities that need to be up round-the-clock.

Robust billing and metering

Quicker onboarding of employees

Always-On-Retail station

ignio can create a blueprint of key business processes. Using ignio, the operations team can create health-checks of transactions across Applications-SAP-Infrastructure layers for these key customer journeys, detect anomalies proactively and provide resolution for issues.

ignio autonomously handles employee provisioning and de-provisioning requests, eliminating the pain of onboarding (or off boarding) associates by bypassing complex workflows of multiple approvals across departments and stakeholders. The process now takes a few hours rather than few weeks.

ignio’s out-of-box capability provides a detailed view of the store’s health and key store services. The dashboard can provide “Ready-For-Business Checks” of all stores within 20 minutes every morning, assuring no applications and infra issues.

Predict. Prescribe. Prevent.

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