Improving Resiliency of B2B Transactions with ignio AIOps

Analyzing patters of business transactions and predicting future occurrences for non-disruptive business and improved customer experience

Supply Chain Management process is critical for efficient operations of any telecom equipment business. It comprises of several key B2B transactions across business functions including sales and purchase, order management, finance, accounting, business operations and so on.

For the customer, lack of transparency in identifying transaction anomalies within the supply chain business applications results in order fulfilment delays impacting business SLAs end-customer experience and may lead to monetary penalty.

Learn how ignio’s AI-driven solution:

  • Provided visibility on end-to-end lifecycle of the Supply Chain Management B2B transactions.
  • Enabled timely delivery of telecommunication devices for the customer.
  • Predicted future occurrences leading to non-disruptive business and improved customer experience.

Predict. Prescribe. Prevent.

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