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The Annual Enrolment Program (AEP) is the single most critical event for the Healthcare business. Ensuring that the entire value chain of key applications and systems is ready for maximizing the AEP opportunity is extremely important for IT and business. Various channels such as existing members, agents and sales channels, large and small corporates, and partners are key external stakeholders who need the systems of engagements to be highly responsive during these times. Whether it is the Enrollment customer journeys or membership and downstream customer journeys related to pharmacies, various correspondences, and member programs, these key customer journeys need to be supported by highly resilient systems.

Proactive annual member enrolment management

Improved Revenue Cycle Management

Efficient claim processing

ignio can help in Annual Enrolment Program (AEP) readiness and AEP period by creating a blueprint of the entire value chain of business processes-applications-infrastructure-network. With the help of health checks, this blueprint can help in detecting anomalies, and ignio’s out-of-box capabilities can help triage the issues, identify impact for downstream systems, and resolve the issues proactively.

ignio makes it easy to monitor the health of business-critical applications and their underlying stacks round-the-clock with customizable dashboards, support for hundreds of out-of-the-box technologies and the ability to quickly extend to custom applications and newer patterns.

ignio can help with the blueprinting of batch streams managing policy information, member details, plan and coverage details, eligibility checks, claims adjudication (pre and post), remittances, and so on. When there is a failure, ignio sends out a notification and predicts whether a particular job exceeds time (start time SLA breach, delay in end time) and what part of business will be affected.

Predict. Prescribe. Prevent.

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