Enabling manufacturers to develop value chains that sense, learn, and adapt


Sales and sales support for Manufacturing companies are some of the complex and business-critical customer journeys that involve multiple systems and internal and external stakeholders such as sales organizations, partners, dealers, distributors, financial institutions, and so on.

ignio, with AIOps, ERPOps, and WLM, can build a contextual blueprint of key business processes of ‘Quote-to-Cash’, ‘Procure-to-Pay’, and ‘Real-time-Consolidation’. The contextual blueprint of key business processes captures normal behavior, detects anomalies across the transactions, and provides fixes to proactively identify and resolve the issues.

Proactive Sales Order Management

Improved Customer Service experience

Efficient Production Planning process

Demand planning, production planning, and supply planning systems offer a variety of interfaces through modern webservices or based on SAP PI/PO to legacy batch streams or FTP based file transfers. Any delays or incorrect arrival of data through these interfaces can impact the planning cycles negatively.

Large manufacturing companies rely on SAP systems for key business functions such as marketing, sales, services, manufacturing, plant facilities, supply chain, product quality, and customer services. Integrations of SAP with upstream and downstream systems and transactions within SAP can be handled effectively using ignio ERPOps.

ignio can help with the blueprinting of batch streams handling such interfaces managed through batch streams. The prediction of a potential business SLA failure within a look ahead window is of vital importance to the Operations team to ensure that corrective action can be taken to deliver the business SLA.

Predict. Prescribe. Prevent.

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