Meet ignio™

Learn. Resolve. Prevent.

Drive digital transformation of your enterprise powered by AI and Automation for improved customer experience and business assurance.

ignio™ is your highway in the journey to become an exponential enterprise. It allows you to digitally transform your operations, moving from outdated manual methods into digital streamlined work. With ignio, business and the underlying IT processes don’t just become automated, but proactive and predictive.


ignio™ learns

Builds context by creating deep visibility and understanding of your enterprise IT and Business landscape. Mines information about business and IT entities, their relationships, and behavior from structured and unstructured data sources to give you real-time insights on possible issues.

ignio learns
ignio resolves

ignio™ resolves

Acts intelligently to resolve issues by leveraging a judicious blend of AI/ML and automation. ignio studio provides adaptability and extensibility to technology evolution and emergent enterprise situations.


ignio™ prevents

Predicts and prevents issues by leveraging context and AI allowing you to act ahead of time, mitigate risks and amplify your business outcomes.

ignio prevents

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