Can Neural Networks Be the Smart Solution to ‘Dumb’ Automation?​

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been trying to make its way into enterprises’ core strategies for over 60 years, yet, only now it is starting to really become widely regarded as a solution to help with the digital side of the business. The market for AI systems is poised for a CAGR of 56.1% until 2024. According to research company Tractica, this market will reach $11.1bn by then, up from 2016’s $300m. Forming part of this AI revolution are neural automation practices. According to Dr. Harrick Vin, VP of Digitate and neural automation company ignio, a Tata Consultancy Services Venture: “Most enterprises today are starting to use technology to transform their businesses but the designed technology is itself very manual, it uses a lot of people.”

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