Overcoming Limitless Business Expenditure by Optimizing Spend with ignio™

Build a resilient and transparent enterprise by optimizing travel and entertainment spend to increase saving potential

Investment banking firms demand transparent and methodical operations where every opportunity to cut down on costs must be seized. However, frail expense management system and spilled over travel expenses impede transparency across the firm.

The case was no different for a Swiss Investment Bank. Decentralized expenditure, employee outliers, and identification of ideal price points are some of the issues they experienced. Until Digitate stepped in with ignio™.

Learn how ignio’s AI-driven solution:

  • Identified employee preferences and opportunities to negotiate better deals for hotel booking and airfare with spend analysis
  • Identified and revealed idea price points for negotiations with airlines and hotels with maverick analysis
  • Detected high spenders and company policy violators using exception analysis

Predict. Prescribe. Prevent.

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