Intel Corporation is an American multinational corporation and technology company headquartered in Santa Clara, California, and is committed to AI and is making major investments across technology, training, resources, and R&D to advance AI for business and society. Intel uniquely offers a range of computer solutions for machine learning in the data center from general-purpose (Xeon, Xeon Phi) to targeted silicon (FPGA and Nervana technology). For the latter, Intel acquired recognized AI leader, Nervana Systems, to accelerate training time, which is a critical phase of the AI development cycle – initially from days to hours and on the path from hours to minutes. The technology innovations from Nervana will be optimized specifically for neural networks to deliver the highest performance for deep learning, as well as unprecedented compute density with high-bandwidth interconnect for seamless model parallelism.

The Saffron cognitive platform leverages associative and machine learning techniques for memory-based reasoning and transparent analysis of multi-sourced, sparse, dynamic data. This technology is also particularly well-suited to small devices, making intelligent local analytics possible across IoT and helping advance state-of the-art collaborative AI.

  • End-user Computing
  • Data Centre Solutions/Technologies
  • Artificial Intelligence-based Solutions
  • Across all Verticals and Horizontals

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