“JifJaff is a specialist in the implementation and training of Intelligent Automation (IA), Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Data Analytics Migration and Reporting platforms. Having worked across multiple verticals and delivered work programmes to Media, Finance, Recruitment, Retail, Energy, Enterprise, Corporate, Police, Government, and NHS gives us a unique breadth of experience in his fast-moving space.

We have three core services around the implementation and management of the Digitate platform.

  • Implementation and support
  • Training programme Centre of Excellence (COE) so clients can implement and manage internally.
  • Combination of JifJaff Implementing whilst building clients the internal capability to manage and support through a Centre of Excellence (COE).

Our delivery involves detailed scoping of Business Operational, Functional, Technical & IT Architectural requirements to ensure successful deployment.

For clients who wish to be self-sufficient, the key to sustainable platform integration is implementing a well-structured and well-functioning Automation Centre of Excellence (COE). JifJaff is a specialist in building COE’s through the “Nine Pillars of Automation building blocks.”

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