Product Sheets


ignio makes IT operations automations both simple and powerful. Out-of-the-box skills enable ignio to execute many routine tasks on its own. Complete automation workflows can be built without the need for static programming or scripting. As a result, IT operations staff can devote more time to innovation and transformation. Download the product sheet to find out more.

ignio™ AIOps

ignio AIOps is an award-winning artificial intelligence solution that enables smarter and faster decision-making, allowing enterprises to predict and prevent problems. Pre-built with over 30 years of IT infrastructure technology knowledge through its lineage with TCS (Tata Consultancy Services), ignio brings unprecedented levels of contextual intelligence to transforming enterprises. Download the product sheet to find out more.

ignio™ AI.WorkloadManagement

ignio AI.WorkloadManagement first builds a comprehensive “blueprint” of the environment that reveals the connections among different business units, batch schedulers, and technologies. It then learns your business and keeps your processes running smoothly, saving time so you can focus on what’s important: growing your business, not simply maintaining it. Download the product sheet to learn more.

ignio™ AI.ERPOps

ignio AI.ERPOps simplifies the operational complexity of SAP with cognitive automation. The solution enhances the SAP user experience for many critical tasks—from resolving cumbersome IDoc errors to proactively monitoring every facet of Basis management—and reduces up to 80% of errors. Download to find out more.

ignio™ AI.Digital Workspace

For enterprises looking to transform their employees’ IT experience, ignio AI.Digital Workspace is a
Self-healing End-user Experience Management Product. It proactively detects, triages and remediates endpoint issues for a happier, secured and highly productive digital workspace that leads to superior customer experience, improved agility with better business outcomes. Download the product sheet to find out more.

ignio™ Cognitive Procurement

ignio Cognitive Procurement is a future proof solution that enables procurement professionals to smartly analyze and monitor transactions for hard-to-discern anomalies and intervene on a need basis to take corrective measures. Download the product sheet to find out more.