AIOps and the Future of Work in Autonomous Enterprises

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The Future of Work isn’t something that happens to you or your organization. It’s an intentional strategy you craft in response to four “shocks” that necessitate changes to how we work. Artificial intelligence wedded to automation can play a key role in helping you create an effective, differentiated future of work for your organization, but operationalizing it isn’t easy. Enter AIOps, an approach to managing business that goes far beyond the IT department.

In this webinar, guest speaker J. P. Gownder, Vice President and Principal Analyst with Forrester, joins Digitate CEO, Akhilesh Tripathi, for a discussion about the future of work. They cover:

  • What are the four “shocks” necessitating change?
  • How are humans and intelligent machines increasingly working together?
  • What role do data, AI, and automation play in innovating the future of work?
  • How is AIOps driving new value with intelligence, context, data, automation, and continuous improvement?

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