ignio™ – The Autonomous Enterprise Software

Transform your operations across domains using AI and Automation towards an Autonomous Enterprise for improved resilience, assurance, and superior customer experience.

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Digitate’s ignio helps resolve your operational woes for an Agile, Resilient and Autonomous Enterprise. Businesses can adapt to changes efficiently, evolve digitally and unleash innovation to sustain and grow. With ignio, transform your IT and business operations’ from reactive to proactive, and take a leap forward to ‘Predict, Prescribe and Prevent.’

Learns Context

"Builds context by creating deep visibility and understanding of your enterprise IT and Business landscape."

Optimizes Proactively

"Assures business and IT operations by proactively identifying risks , and opportunities for problem management."

Perform Actions

"Autonomously manages business critical technology life-cycle activities to significantly improve the time to value and customer experience."

Handles Incidents

"Auto-triages, diagnoses, and prescribes relevant actions with deep contextual awareness, applied reasoning and pre-built knowledge."

Manages Alerts

"Draws attention to the right alerts at the right time and manages the entire alert life-cycle autonomously."

The AI driven solution from ignio

Digitate is a value leader in EMA's new AIOps Radar report succesfully delivering on its vision for Autonomous IT Operations.


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The AI driven solution from ignio

Redefining ITOps with ignio AIOps

AIOps Infographic

The AI driven solution from ignio

Infrastructure Operations and Cloud Management Predications for 2021



Autonomous Enterprise Operations E-book

Learn how enterprises can elevate their business and IT operation strategy to make headway into an Autonomous Enterprise. Get started on your journey from Traditional to Automated to Autonomous Operations. Powered by AI and Machine Learning, Autonomous Operations allows enterprises to reduce manual efforts, adapt to business or IT changes efficiently with minimal cost and focus on innovation. Know how ignio applies the principles of autonomous operations for agile and resilient operations with proven customer stories. Embark on your Autonomous Enterprise journey today – the ‘ignio’ way.

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Autonomous enterprise operations E-book

Predict. Prescribe. Prevent.

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