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ignio™ Reduces Employees’ Onboarding Time from Days to Hours

This IDC Perspective examines how a major North American energy firm is automating its IT operations with artificial intelligence (Al)-based capabilities.

Analytics (AIA) by EMA

EMA, a leading industry analyst firm, has selected Digitate as Leader in Advanced IT Analytics for 2018. Digitate’s ignio solutions demonstrated surprising levels of sophistication in helping IT perform more proactively and efficiently. ignio’s focus on support for automation, as well as its industry-unique offerings to manage and optimize workload automation and batch processing, also differentiated us from the crowd.

HfS Research:
Cognitive Automation of the Digital OneOffice Organization—A Batch Management Use Case

Batch Management is a textbook case study of organizations being stuck in legacy systems and processes. Despite high interdependency and complexity of systems and applications, most organizations have not invested strategically in enhancing these capabilities.

Ovum On the Radar:
Digitate ignio™ uses AI to learn, resolve, and prevent IT service interruptions

Organizations recognize that we are now in an application economy and that applications are core to business activity. Most monitoring and reporting tools lack the ability to gather wider data and correlate it to provide real-time operational and business insight.

Gartner 2019 Market Guide for AIOps Platforms

According to Gartner 2019 Market Guide for AIOps Platforms, AIOps platforms enhance I&O leaders’ decision making by contextualizing large volumes of varied and volatile data. I&O leaders should use AIOps platforms for refining performance analysis across the application life cycle, as well as for augmenting IT service management and automation.