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Shalini Poddar

By – Shalini Poddar

(Product Marketing Manager | Digitate)

Re-invent and Streamline your Command Center Operations with Autonomous Event Management

Notification fatigue is something we are all familiar with. For instance, an average United States smartphone user gets about 46 push notifications every day across all apps, according to the BusinessofApps1. Have you ever wondered how a similar scenario could impact an Enterprise with thousands of notifications? Downtime, Loss of Business, Dissatisfied Customers, perhaps; Let’s see HOW.

Today, enterprises are adopting new tools and technologies to accelerate their digital transformation initiatives. The increased complex landscape requires continuous monitoring by multiple tools to gauge the health and performance of all the systems across the IT environments to ensure they are always up and running.

However, this hyper-instrumentation, which was meant to prevent the problem of downtime, leads to another problem: a flood of alert notifications, which become overwhelming for a command center team to cope with. IT operators are often left to manually correlate alerts, de-duplicate alert data, and get rid of large amounts of noise (trivial or erroneous alerts) that may not even have a business impact. To make matters worse, teams often work in siloes with no unified view of all the alerts across the enterprise costing the business longer outages with additional time, effort and pain in sifting through the alerts and focusing on the right alerts, at the right time, and efficiently.

In fact, according to a global CIO survey, IT and Cloud Operations teams receive an average of 2,973 alerts per day, with a mere 26% requiring any action.

IT and Cloud Operations teams receive an average of 2,973 alerts a day – but about 74% of them are just noise.

At Digitate, we understand the pain that notification fatigue causes for the command center and support teams (L1, L2, and L3). So, we have launched a quick-start solution, powered by AIOps, that’s tailored to streamline IT Operations and resolve issues before they affect the customer experience.

Fig. 1. How Digitate IT Event Management works.

Digitate’s IT Event Management is an AI-driven solution for event noise reduction, precise root cause analysis, and autonomous resolution of incidents. Driven by predictive intelligence and machine learning, IT Event Management provides complete visibility of all the alerts across the entire technology stack. With intelligent correlation based on time and topology, it ensures that the command center does not receive multiple alerts for related issues. This 360-degree view helps connect the dots for faster triaging, accurate event prediction, and efficient resolution, drastically improving your MTTD, MTTR, and MTTT. As event management is so central to IT operations, many niche vendors offer solutions, however with limited capabilities. This is where our solution is superior to others, offering complete event lifecycle management. What differentiates us is the one-stop, closed-loop approach supporting different forms of reasoning at the core, based on situational context, historical trends, and tacit knowledge.

Fig. 2. Digitate’s closed-loop IT Event Management

This AI reasoning coupled with the pre-built knowledge acquired over the years enables self-healing of most of your enterprise IT issues. However, what if a situation occurs that requires a human in the loop? Well, even in such scenarios, this solution immediately engages the right individuals and teams and equips them with all the situational context, thus expediting the resolution and restoring the services faster.

While the scope of most of the available solutions is restricted to noise reduction and aiding resolution, we go a couple of steps further to autonomously resolve the alerts and proactively eliminate incidents. IT Event Management leverages AI and Machine Learning to analyze the historical patterns and identifies the problematic Configuration Items (CI) causing recurring service disruptions. Additionally, it provides rich insights, aiding in proactive problem management for your enterprise IT. This means that you can proactively prevent outages and the IT command center team can get a full night’s sleep again.

Several organizations have already realized the benefits of Digitate IT Event Management, with reduced noise and incidents, improved MTTR and reduced operational risk making their command center operations more resilient, efficient, and cost-effective. So, the next time you are lost in the deluge of personal notifications on your mobile phones, rest assured that Digitate IT Event Management can stop the buzzing for you and your team… at least at work.

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