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Combine artificial intelligence, machine learning and automation to deliver proactive, agile, and reliable IT Operations for superior customer experience and business assurance.

ignio™ AIOps

Get nimble with cognitive automation

ignio™ AIOps with its judicious blend of AI/ML and automation, improves the reliability, resiliency and agility of Enterprise IT Operations. Creates deep visibility and understanding of the landscape by learning context. Eliminates noise, predicts emergent conditions and triages issues by managing alerts. Improves MTTR by handling incidents. ignio™ drives productivity and agility by intelligently performing actions and prevents future issues by optimizing operations proactively.

Enhance business availability through improved operational risk management

Ensure better end-user experience through faster incident resolutions

Get high ROI optimizing the effort and cost to perform life cycle activities

Learns Context

ignio creates deep visibility and understanding of the Enterprise IT landscape by assimilating data from business and technology-specific sources, such as log files, configurations, monitoring and management tools, inventories and semi structured information. It develops and maintains a single-source-of-truth about Enterprises’ IT landscape by creating an end-to-end view that connects business, applications, technology platforms and infrastructure.

Manages Alerts

ignio creates silent IT operations by eliminating noise using advanced AI based reasoning techniques based on its pre-built model, historical data mining and rules. It filters, correlates and prioritizes alerts based on inferred risk and business impact, and aggregates and resolves alerts autonomously. ignio auto-creates collaboration channels with expert resolvers for alerts that need manual intervention.

Handles Incidents

ignio improves resilience and reduces MTTR by automating triage using model, case, and rule based reasoning. It rapidly identifies the root cause of incidents, honors context-specific business policies and constraints, and prescribes the best action. It notifies stakeholders to obtain necessary consent to execute actions autonomously.

Performs Autonomously

ignio boosts agility and productivity with a vast library of pre-built capabilities for technology lifecycle activities across operating systems, storage, network devices, databases, middleware and applications. It constructs and executes context specific procedures at runtime. ignio studio allows extension of capabilities to new situations, processes and technologies.

Proactively Prescribes Actions

ignio enables proactive and predictive operations by identifying future issues and constraints. It continuously analyzes past events, detects patterns, causes and prescribes fixes to minimize business impact due to outages.

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