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Evolve digitally to Autonomous IT Operations ensuring improved business outcomes, enhanced resilience, agility, and superior customer experience

Introducing ignio™ Observe

Learns Context

ignio improves business agility by creating a unified view of your hybrid, multi-cloud environments, connecting business functions to applications and infrastructure. This is combined with the behavior profile of systems and applications, continuously learned using this blueprint. With multi-cloud support, it provides further visibility across your AWS and Azure cloud services, improving the transparency of your complex enterprise IT landscape.

Manages Alerts

ignio enables silent operations by suppressing false positives and redundant alerts using advanced AI-based reasoning techniques, allowing your operations team to focus on actual incidents which matter most to your business. It autonomously manages all aspects of the alert lifecycle, from detection to remediation for your hybrid, multi-cloud environment, thus reducing efforts and improving productivity.

ignio AIOps – Predict. Prescribe. Prevent.

Handles Incidents

ignio reduces MTTR by over 90% and improves resilience by leveraging AI to analyze, determine the probable cause, recommend fix, and heal incidents autonomously. For issues requiring manual intervention, it auto-creates an integrated collaboration room with expert resolvers to expedite the incident triaging and resolution process.

Performs Actions

ignio enhances efficiency and agility with a vast library of pre-built capabilities to work with data centers, IaaS and PaaS systems. Based on the context, they are autonomously executed at run time to solve issues. These technical and context-specific procedures are adaptive to technology and policy changes, enabling positive business growth through improved customer experience.

Proactive Optimization

ignio assures business and IT operations by predicting and preventing repetitive issues, risks, and anomalies. By leveraging the continuously learnt contextual knowledge of enterprise systems and applications, ignio predicts issues 2-8 hours in advance and helps eliminate outages. With multi-cloud support, ignioTM proactively detects cloud resource sprawl, access sprawl and cloud resource waste and provides prescriptive recommendations for cloud cost optimisation.

ignio AIOps

Embark on your Autonomous Operations Journey with ignio AIOps

Banking & Financial Services

Managing risk and compliance across Retail or Commercial Banking & Investments is critical. ignio AIOps, ensures high availability of critical servers and applications, thus ensuring better resiliency and regulatory compliance and improving customer satisfaction.
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Communications, Media & Technology

Order to activate is a critical process for revenue realization in telcos. ignio helps improve percentage of successful acquisition of new customer and ensures partner/business integration portal availability.
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Energy, Resources & Utilities

Issues like bill presentment to consumers and system compliance can severely impact their business revenue and customer experience. ignio’s proactive checks help avoid revenue loss due to litigation, as well as ensures regulatory compliance.
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Life sciences & Healthcare

The healthcare industry relies heavily on Enterprise IT. ignio AIOps ensures high resiliency of systems to ensure seamless auto adjudications of claims. Its autonomous operations also make the supply planning processes more efficient thus ensuring smooth business operations.
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A disruption in manufacturing or distribution systems impacts the business revenue and results in delays in order processing, shipments and tracking. ignio’s autonomous IT operations ensure smooth warehouse operations with no shipment delays and productivity loss due to rework.
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Retailers can face business losses due to disrupted supply chains, glitches in store operations, payment failures and e-commerce outages resulting in poor customer experiences. ignio AIOps mitigates these enterprise IT risks and helps retailers with uninterrupted operations.
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Travel, Transportation & Hospitality

IT outages in travel, transportation and hospitality industries can be severe. This indirectly impacts customer loyalty and brand value of the Enterprise. ignio helps reduce the downtime. Reduced outages improves the guests’ experience and reduces business and revenue loss.
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EMA Reports

EMA, a leading industry analyst firm, has selected ignio AIOps as value leader in their new AIOps Radar report in change impact and capacity optimization as well as in incident, performance, and availability management. According to the report, “Digitate successfully delivers on its vision for “autonomous IT operations”, and ignio AIOps offers solid support across all three use cases, with active ongoing investment to accelerate the growth of its AI/ML capabilities and expand its technological breadth, while making its platform strengths increasingly user friendly.

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White Papers Learn Context

White Paper

Today, enterprise systems lack a comprehensive and unified view of their IT estate. Absence of this contextual awareness often impacts decision making in all aspects of IT operations. Also, the effectiveness of IT operations inherently relies on intuition and tacit knowledge, making them costly, time consuming, of variable quality, and extremely difficult to scale to today’s volumes.
In this paper, we present ignio’s ability to provide a “360-degree Context” of an enterprise’s IT landscape and how this “system context” forms the foundation for all ignio functionalities and is central to all lifecycle services of IT operations.

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Product Sheet ignio Aiops

ignio AIOps – Multi-cloud Support

With rapid cloud adoption by businesses comes greater flexibility, scalability and cost-efficiency, but it also leads to greater complexity and less visibility to manage your cloud resources efficiently. Download the datasheet to know more about the multi-cloud support provided by ignioTM AIOps for your seamless cloud operations.

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Product Sheet ignio Aiops

ignio AIOps Product Sheet

ignio AIOps is an award-winning artificial intelligence solution that enables smarter and faster decision-making, allowing enterprises to predict and prevent problems. Pre-built with over 30 years of IT infrastructure technology knowledge through its lineage with TCS (Tata Consultancy Services), ignio brings unprecedented levels of contextual intelligence to transforming enterprises.

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Product Sheet ignio Aiops

Compliance Solution Brief

Security vulnerabilities can put businesses at risk. Hence, they need a solution that makes enterprise IT assets secure and robust. Download the solution brief to know how ignio AIOps’ Enterprise Compliance Management ensures compliance of the enterprise IT estate.

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ignio AIOps Overview

ignio AIOps is a unique autonomous enterprise solution that combines artificial intelligence and machine learning to transform enterprise IT, for proactive, fast and reliable IT. Join other Fortune 500 companies who have adopted ignio into their organization for improved business availability, a better end-user experience, and a significant reduction in effort and cost. Watch this video to see how ignio AIOps can help you.

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Predict. Prescribe. Prevent.

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