See beyond the headlights with ignio™ AI.Workload Management

Assure Business SLAs by proactive and predictive workload management operations

ignio™ AI.WorkloadManagement

Re-define workload management operations for business assurance

Timely and predictive processing of batch jobs is vital to ensure stable business operations and high-quality customer experience. ignio™ AI.WorkloadManagement brings a paradigm-shift in today’s batch operations. Moving it from “reactive to predictive” and “manual to automated”-ignio AI.WorkloadManagement combines machine learning, AI, and automation to deliver agile, and autonomous batch operations.

Get complete visibility into workload operations and gain before-time visibility into business impact

Plan and implement enterprise-wide operational changes faster and solve incidents quicker

Prioritize alerts and automatically resolve incidents without any manual touch

Learns Context

ignio constructs an end-to-end view of batch systems across multiple schedulers, connecting business processes, batch jobs, underlying technology and infrastructure. It self-learns normal behavior of jobs and correlates between batch failures and anomalies, identifies risks and highlights jobs, SLA and processes that need close attention.

Manages Alerts and Predicts in Real Time

ignio eliminates noise by managing alerts using advanced AI based reasoning techniques. It filters, correlates and prioritizes alerts based on inferred risk and business impact, as well as ensures adaptability, agility and predictability with real time batch progress predictions. ignio drives proactive operations by highlighting impact of delays and failures on business deliverables. It enables stability by predicting potential violations and their causes.

Handles Incidents

ignio improves MTTR by automated triaging and issue resolution. It leverages context and pre-built capabilities to conduct health diagnosis of batch jobs and infrastructure. It prescribes and applies the best fix autonomously while honoring context-specific business policies and constraints. It traverses the chain of context from business process, batch job scheduler and underlying infrastructure to determine the right fix for a given failure.

Proactively Prescribes Improvements

ignio predicts a future batch run. Its unique ‘what-if’ capability provides understanding of the impact of changes before they are made. If what capability enables scenario planning for optimized batch runs. Proactive notifications ensure operations teams are ahead of potential issues impacting business SLAs.

Realize predictable Workload Management Operations with ignio AI.WorkloadManagement