Redefining Workload Operations with ignio AI.Workload Management

Make your batch operations proactive, and ensure predictable, agile, and silent operations.

Learns Context

ignio creates a batch systems’ blueprint that cuts across different batch schedulers and connects the dots across business functions from batch jobs to infrastructure.


ignio predicts the batch in real-time, sends early notifications of SLA violations, diagnoses causes and recommends corrective actions.

ignio AI.Workload Management– Predict. Prescribe. Prevent.

What-If Analysis

ignio predicts a future batch and provides a ‘what-if’ analysis engine to assess the impact of any business or technology changes before implementing them.

Diagnosis and Resolution

ignio diagnoses a failure or delay of a batch job by checking the health of the job and the underlying infrastructure and thereafter, takes corrective actions.

Proactive Problem Management

ignio analyzes the historical data to mine problem signatures, assess risks, and report areas that need attention for problem management and problem prevention.

ignio AI.Workload Management

Your search for predictable workloads ends here!

Banking and Finance

The BFS industry involves many compliance and regulations; failure to comply results in hefty penalties. ignio ensures timely completion of Net Asset Value (NAV) calculation and settlement processes, as well as ensures on-time data transfer to various systems for the next day’s business.
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ignio ensures timely completion of the end-of-day operations such as adding policy, calculating premiums, calculating commissions for underwriters to estimate the next day’s business and so on.
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ignio ensures timely completion of inventory processing, billing books processing, replenishments, promotions, peak-season planning, and so on. It also ensures on-time data sync between the central, store and POS servers, and helps to proactively plan for the peak season.
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Product Sheet ignio AI.Workload Management

ignio AI.Workload Management Product Sheet

ignio AI.WorkloadManagement first builds a comprehensive “blueprint” of the environment that reveals the connections among different business units, batch schedulers, and technologies. It then learns your business and keeps your processes running smoothly, saving time so you can focus on what’s important: growing your business.

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Product Sheet ignio AI.Workload Management

ignio Studio

Integrated low-code modelling environment armed with robust constructs for extending ignio’s rich out-of-the-box capabilities.

Studio accelerates integration of new tools and technologies and creates new context models for structural and behavioral aspects of Workload systems.

ignio AI.Workload Management

ignio AI.Workload Management is an autonomous enterprise software that combines artificial intelligence and machine learning to bring a paradigm shift to today’s batch operations. ignio helps you go from reactive to proactive and manual to automated. It delivers predictable, agile, and autonomous batch operations providing a closed-loop solution. Watch this video to see how ignio AI. Workload Management can help you.

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Predict. Prescribe. Prevent.

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