Lead Registration Policy

Digitate Lead Registration Policy


1. Summary

These terms set out the procedure for a Digitate Channel Partner to receive Lead registration benefits as part of the Digitate Partner Program.

2. Guiding Principle

The formal registration of a Digitate channel partner Lead serves multiple purposes:

  • To acknowledge that the channel partner has identified a sales opportunity and wishes to engage in a sales cycle;
  • To provide an auditable method of entering sales opportunities into the overall pipeline of sales opportunities being worked by the channel partner; and
  • To provide additional incentive and advantage to the channel partner who identifies and registers a sales opportunity.

3. Definitions

Lead” means an organization/end-user that a channel partner has identified as a potential buyer of a Digitate software solution. The organization/end-user must have a sufficiently described business need that the Digitate software solution can address and must have expressed interest in engaging with the channel partner in a sales cycle. Leads should be qualified to the BANT standard (Budget, Authorization, Need, Timescale).

Registered Partner” means a channel partner that has registered on the Digitate Partner Portal and has received an email back confirming their acceptance. The Digitate Partner Portal generates a unique partner registration ID for every channel partner that registers.

Registered Lead” means a sales lead that has been entered into the Digitate Partner Portal by a Registered Partner and is in ‘Pending’ status.

Approved Lead” means a Lead that has been submitted into the Digitate Partner Portal and (1) has been approved by Digitate, with a confirmation email back to the channel partner; (2) is displayed in the Digitate Partner Portal with a status of ‘Approved’; and (3) is valid at the time Distributor’s purchase order is submitted to Vendor.

4. Lead Approval Criteria

If the following criteria are met, in Digitate’s sole discretion, a Registered Lead shall be eligible for approval:

  • The lead registration form (hard copy or within the Digitate Partner Portal once available) is completed in its entirety.
  • The Lead is not being actively pursued by Digitate directly or has been previously registered by another Registered Partner and approved by Digitate at the time the Lead is submitted in the Digitate Partner Portal; and
  • As may be requested by Digitate, the Partner must provide sufficient qualifying sales information to allow Digitate to determine Partner’s ability to qualify, progress, close and service the Lead.

5. Lead Registration Process

  • The Lead must meet the criteria set out in Section 4 (above).
  • A Registered Partner must submit accurate and complete Lead information to register the Lead in the Digitate Partner Portal.
  • Digitate will notify the Registered Partner by email that the Lead has been registered and is under review by Digitate. The status for the Registered Lead will reflect “Pending” in the Digitate Portal while the Registered Lead is under review.
  • Digitate will notify the Registered Partner by email whether the Registered Lead has been approved or if it has been declined. The status for the Registered Lead in the Digitate Partner Portal will likewise be updated to “Approved” or “Rejected.” Digitate will strive to notify Registered Partners of its decision within 5 business days, although some approvals may take longer.

6. Lead Registration Term & Extensions

The following term will apply for an Approved Lead; however, Digitate may grant an extension, at its sole discretion, if sufficient justification exists:

  • Approved Lead Term. The term of each Approved Lead will begin on the date that the Lead is approved in the Digitate Partner Portal and will have a duration of 180 days thereafter (“Approved Lead Term”). Unless terminated by Digitate, in its sole discretion, the Approved Lead Term will be extended for an additional term of 90 days. Digitate also reserves the right to re-assign any Lead, or withdraw its approval of the Lead, if little or no activity or progress can be confirmed by Digitate in the first 90 days of the Approved Lead Term, at its sole discretion.

7. Miscellaneous

Digitate may reject any Lead registration that it believes does not conform with this Lead Registration Policy and reserves the right to interpret this Lead Registration Policy, and approval or rejection of a Lead Registration submission, in its sole discretion.