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Achieve the perfect cost, quality and time equilibrium in software development with autonomous capability in the testing life cycle.

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Learns Context

ignio AI. Assurance understands the application under test and creates a blueprint, which provides a 360-degree view of the application and acts as a single truth source. It increases simplicity in the testing process.

Autonomous test suite generation

ignio AI.Assurance enhances productivity and agility of software development process by autonomously generating test scenarios and test automation scripts for the software application undergoing testing. It ensures seamless testing and caters to quick testing of builds with comprehensive test coverage.

ignio AI.Assurance – Predict. Prescribe. Prevent.

Self-healing of Test Suites

ignio reduces human intervention in creating and maintaining test scenarios and automation scripts. It can detect application changes and self-heal the application model, test scenarios and test automation scripts. It performs impact analysis to identify potential impact of any change on the application. Thus improving business agility.

Intelligent Test Selection

ignio enables execution of test suites based on various test selection strategies – business critical, 100% coverage, change optimized, and custom scenarios. This helps to establish a balance between test coverage and testing time, thereby enhancing the quality of testing.

Insightful Dashboards

ignio AI.Assurance provides a single-pane view for key application quality and testing related metrics and summary dashboards. These interactive dashboards provide valuable, real-time updates that enable businesses to make intelligent decisions.

Smart Data Validation Assist

ignio AI.Assurance helps users to input validation checks or assertions by providing relevant information scanning through various source of documents at Field and Screen level. Testers need not remember every validation or Acceptance rule from Requirement documents or other sources. This also helps in early validation if code and Requirement specifications are uploaded, as seeing the difference, the issue can be raised.

Smart Data Generation

ignio AI.Assurance ensures Agility in Testing process by autonomously generating Test data for every Data field. The dynamic Test data generated is realistic, versatile and enables businesses to save a lot of time and reduce dependencies on end customers.

ignio AI.Assurance

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Banking & Financial Services

With large number of banks moving towards digitalization, banking applications have become more complex. ignio with its autonomous assurance approach can ensure easy testing and correct functioning of the applications.
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Manufacturing organizations need to produce as many units as possible. These units need to be of high quality and precision. ignio can help organizations ensure the applications meet the stipulated criteria by comprehensive testing of the applications.
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The retail sector has experienced an intense transformation lately, owing to the changing user behavior. Software quality has become an indispensable element for a retailer’s success. ignio can assist retailers in assuring quality application for their enterprises.
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Product Sheet ignio Aiops

ignio AI.Assurance Product Sheet

ignio AI.Assurance is an autonomous assurance product that leverages AI/ML capabilities to provide highest level of automation through all stages of software testing and enables enterprises to deliver better software faster. Download the product sheet to find out more.

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Today, 75% of the testing life cycle, especially the planning and design stages, continues to be manual and inefficient. This results in undetected software quality issues into production and the reduced speed to market, costing businesses trillions of dollars. ignio AI.Assurance enables enterprises to harness the power of AI/ML and adopt cutting-edge quality engineering practices for timely software releases, thereby achieving the perfect cost, quality and time equilibrium in software development with autonomous capability in testing lifecycle.

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Predict. Prescribe. Prevent.

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