Align quick quality deliverables with ignio™ AI.Assurance

Achieve the perfect cost, quality and time equilibrium in software development with autonomous capability in the testing life cycle.

ignio™ AI.Assurance

An Autonomous Assurance Product to deliver better software faster

When the software industry shifted its focus to test automation, it addressed only 30% of the testing life cycle. We are addressing the remaining 70% space. ignio™ AI.Assurance enables enterprises to align quick delivery of quality software with some of its distinguished features such as autonomous test suite generation, impact analysis, and self-healing capabilities. We have addressed some of the major industry challenges, which include manual creation of test suites, lack of visibility of end-to-end application flow, maintenance of automation scripts, and identification of right tests based on time among others.

Improve release cycle agility through self-healing tests

Reduce software failure risks through intelligent constraint-based testing

Increase throughput and reduce cost through autonomous assurance

Autonomous Test Suite Generation

ignio ™ AI.Assurance enhances productivity and agility by autonomously generating test scenarios and test automation scripts for the application undergoing testing. It maintains a detailed application interaction graph model that provides a 360° view of the application and acts as a single source of truth. It ensures seamless testing and caters to quick testing of builds with comprehensive test coverage.

Self-healing of Test Suites

ignio ™ AI.Assurance reduces human intervention in creation and maintenance of test scenarios and test automation scripts with its unique self-healing capability. It can detect application changes and self-heal the application model, test scenarios as well as test automation scripts. Moreover, it performs impact analysis and identifies the potential impact of any change on the overall application.

Intelligent Test Selection

ignio ™ AI.Assurance enables execution of test suite based on various test selection strategies, thus establishing a balance between test coverage and testing time. These strategies include business critical, 100% coverage, change optimized, and custom scenarios as options to choose from.

Insightful Dashboards

ignio ™ AI.Assurance provides a single-pane view for key application quality and testing related metrics and summary dashboards. This interactive dashboard provides valuable, real-time updates that enables business to make intelligent decision.

Deliver Better Software, Faster for your customer with ignio AI.Assurance