Turn Your Shopper’s Frown Upside-down!

Keep your shoppers coming back for more with ignio’s autonomous operations solution for Retail

Create an interconnected enterprise

Whether it is Black Friday, Thanksgiving or other exciting holiday times, your website and retail stores must run like well-oiled machines. Add-in payment gateways, warehouse management applications and point of sales transaction – managing these is a tough cookie!

Resilient and stable Store Operations and online store is utmost important for top-line and customer experience. While physical and online Stores are critical, the entire value chain of “Plan-Buy-Move-Sell” comprised of products, pricing, promotions, forecasting, buying, warehouse and distribution facilities, supply chain logistics and so on are equally critical.

Sail through your peak seasons with ease

Uninterrupted store operations

Robust supply chain management

ignio creates a contextual blueprint of key business processes, captures normal behavior, detects anomalies across the transactions, provides fixes to proactively identify the issues and resolve. This builds resilience and reliability to improve customer experience, reduce business risk boost efficiency.

ignio can anticipate increased demand in business during the holiday season and understands the need for recurring IT infrastructure health checks. ignio ensures your systems are not on a ‘holiday’ during the holiday shopping times!

ignio’s out-of-box capability provides a detailed view of the store’s health and key store services. The dashboard can provide “Ready-For-Business Checks” of all stores within 20 minutes every morning, assuring no applications and infra issues..

Predict. Prescribe. Prevent.

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