Fly faster with stronger tailwinds!

Seamless operational agility with ignio’s autonomous operations for Aviation services

Provide Uninterrupted Service to Customers

Whether you are a global alliance partner or manage a small regional fleet of aircrafts, a lot goes into ensuring that all aircrafts are operational and safe at all times. Ensuring consistent sync between your Inventory Management System, Reservation platform and Departure Control Systems, to kiosks and online check-in platforms running 24×7, you make the coordinated chaos look easy!

Stability and resiliency of your IT backbone is imperative to free-up resources from constant firefighting and focus on optimizing your systems and make them ready for growth.

Ensure that Reservation systems are accessible 24×7 with real-time health checks

Monitor customer check-in kiosks and web channels with anomaly detection

Gain customer loyalty with a seamless experience, supported by robust back-end operations

ignio’s blueprint models your full stack – application layer, OS or Server layer, Middleware, Database or Storage layer and Network layer. It gets into the root-cause detection mode, pinpoints the cause of the problem and fixes issues autonomously – all before you join the incident bridge. You are welcome!

ignio makes it easy to monitor the health of business-critical applications and their underlying stacks round-the-clock with customizable dashboards, support for hundreds of out-of-the-box technologies and the ability to quickly extend to custom applications and newer patterns.

ignio integrates seamlessly with your existing monitoring or ITOM (IT Operations Management) tools and natively with most technologies to monitor transactions across the IT landscape and generate normal behavior patterns. ignio is constantly comparing the current performance with the baselines to flag anomalies in real-time.

Predict. Prescribe. Prevent.

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