Digitate ignio delivers unmatched value by streamlining ITOps

Recent Forrester Consulting TEI study estimates Digitate ignio™ can help customers unlock top-line and bottom-line benefits

Forrester reveals customer ROI of 185% and total benefits of over $6.61 Million over three years with Digitate ignio

Transforming IT operations with AI and automation can be a game-changer, but organizations often struggle to estimate the real value that AIOps-based transformation could offer. That’s why Digitate commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) study to examine the potential return on investment (ROI) enterprises can realize by deploying ignio™ products. 

Find out the results of the independent study, which demonstrates the impact Digitate products gave on a wide gamut of KPIs With ignio, it’s not just about reducing IT costs, but also real impact on business topline. 


ROI over three years


Benefits NPV over three years

9 months

Payback Period

Learn more about the potential benefits of implementing ignio™ in The Total Economic Impact™ of Digitate ignio™.
For the commissioned April 2022 study, Forrester Consulting consultants held interviews with five Digitate customers, investigating their technical and business IT challenges. Adopting Digitate’s ignio™ AIOps and ignio™ AI.ERPOps products substantially reduced the number of alerts, as well as the mean time to detect and repair incidents (MTTD and MTTR) and overall downtime, they found.The study demonstrates that a composite customer can expect a risk-adjusted $6.61 million in value creation over three years, 90% reduction in downtime for monitored systems, and improved IT productivity, IT security and compliance.
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Curious what the new Total Economic Impact™ study from Forrester could mean for your organization?
Calculate the true business value and ROI from AIOps transformation specific to your unique situation. Use the ROI calculator with your enterprise-specific inputs and get a high-level estimate of benefits and costs. The self-service tool gives you detailed visibility into three-year cash flow, risk-adjusted benefits, and associated costs with presentation-ready graphics and charts, to help you make informed decisions. The calculator is based on an independent Total Economic Impact™ study by Forrester Consulting, commissioned by Digitate.
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Based on customer interviews, independent analysis, and financial modeling, Forrester Consulting determined that a composite customer could generate sizable quantitative benefits by deploying Digitate ignio™ AIOps and ignio™ AI.ERPOps products.This infographic showcases highlights from that commissioned Total Economic Impact™ study and provides a birds-eye view of key metrics.
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