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A Self-healing, End-user Experience Management product for Digital Workspace

ignio™ AI.Digital Workspace

A Self-healing, End-user Experience Management Product

ignio™ AI.Digital Workspace autonomously detects endpoint issues, triages and remediates them. With its intuitive Self-service App for end-users, an intelligent dashboard for service desk managers and an AI-enabled endpoint blueprinting capability at its core, offers automated EUC service delivery, unified endpoint visibility and performance impact predictions from technology transformation initiatives to the service desk managers. It has proven highly effective in reducing trouble ticket volume, unnecessary IT upgrade costs with virtually zero repair time. I&O leaders can now rationalize IT procurement budgets, reduce service desk costs and provide a highly productive, happy and friction-less digital end-user experience. The days of IT Service Desk as you know it are over. Zero unproductive hours and no service desk tickets is the new normal!

Happier Workspace Experience through autonomous incident remediation preempting the need for service desk tickets or human interventions.
Save Time and Improve Productivity of employees by ensuring uninterrupted availability of endpoints and minimum disruption to business workflow.
Reduce Service Desk Anxiety by lowering trouble ticket volume, redundant & false alerts and better agent utilization.

Learns Context

Constructs an end-to-end view of endpoint systems across enterprise locations connecting business productivity applications, devices, operating systems and networks. Self-learns normal behavior of end-users and correlates between incident failures and anomalies, identifies risks and highlights bottlenecks for devices and applications that need close attention.

Learns Context Experience Management product for Digital Workspace
Digital Workspace Manages Alerts Handling Incidents

Manages Alerts and Predicts in Real Time

Eliminates noise by managing alerts using advanced AI based reasoning techniques. Predictive and autonomous remediation of endpoint issues pre-empts the need for Service desk tickets. Offers faster resolution, freeing up service desk resources for other more strategic business initiatives. Filters, Correlates and Prioritizes alerts based on inferred risk and business impact reducing redundant and false alerts.

Handles Incidents

The Self-Heal and Action Framework comes with Pre-packaged knowledge for automated remediation, an orchestration engine, an event detection service and log data framework. By benchmarking normal endpoint behaviour and by utilizing advanced risk profiling with root cause analysis, it improves the MTTR, prescribes and applies the best fix autonomously while honouring context-specific business policies and constrains.

Handles Incidents ignio
Maximizes Compliance and Health ignio

Maximizes Endpoint Compliance and Health

Proactively executes health and compliance checks so I&O teams can ensure all the endpoint devices and applications are compliant with enterprise security, privacy and safety standards. Currently, there are 14+ health checks, 5+ compliance checks and 6+ performance tuning activities. It helps reduce capacity shortages, performance gaps, security & compliance issues and unnecessary IT procurement and upgrade costs.

ignio Studio

Integrated low-code modelling environment armed with robust constructs for extending ignio’s rich out-of-the-box capabilities.
Studio accelerates the creation of new automated remediation actions for incidents, extending the self-heal coverage to newer technologies and applications thus improving the end-user experience.

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