Reinvent your SAP Operations with ignio AI.ERPOps

Bring in proactive, Agile, and resilient ERP operations across your enterprise by using ignio’s intelligent automation.

Learns Context

ignio makes the business processes agile by creating deep visibility and understanding of the SAP ERP landscape by modeling a unified real-time view of the Enterprise SAP environment. It self-learns normal behavior of SAP systems to provide context and predictability in operations.

Manages Alerts

ignio enables silent SAP ERP operations by eliminating noise using AI-based reasoning techniques. It filters, correlates, and prioritizes alerts on the Solution Manager TechMon and BPMon data, based on inferred risk and business impact. Thus improving the resiliency.

ignio AI.ERPOps – Predict. Prescribe. Prevent.

Handles Incidents

ignio improves business outcomes and reduces MTTR by automating triaging and resolution. It provides root cause analysis in a handy report with recommendations for SAP Technical and Functional incidents. It also offers a zero touch end-to-end resolution of typical issues such as IDoc error codes and incidents across SD, MM, and FI modules.

Performs Actions

ignio boosts agility and productivity through a vast library of pre-built capabilities for functional and technical lifecycle activities, and service request handling. It saves time and manual effort by managing mass requests in a single ticket. Thus enhancing the SAP user experience.

Proactive Optimization

ignio performs proactive operations by identifying future issues and constraints through SAP ERP deployment wide Health Checks and provides reports before start of business. ignio detects anomalies based on normal behavioral patterns and predicts issues before they occur, thus improves resiliency and enhances customer experience.

ignio AI.ERPOps

An AI-based insight driven product for autonomous SAP operations

Energy, Resources & Utilities

User onboarding and offboarding across multiple ABAP and Java stack systems is a common problem in this industry with multiple vendors, suppliers, and contract employees. ignio helps reduce the turnaround time from days to minutes through its User Management capability.
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To counter constantly changing supplier invoice statuses, delays in business documents, and other challenges in the SAP ERP environment for manufacturers, ignio AI.ERPOps helps by resolving issues autonomously by leveraging AI and ML along with SAP functions to reduce MTTR.
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For retailers that rely heavily on SAP, ignio AI.ERPOps helps relieve common problems as well as many complex problems. It helps achieve uninterrupted store logistics operations and, in turn, helps deliver a enhanced customer experience.
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ignio Studio

Integrated low-code modelling environment armed with robust constructs for extending ignio’s rich out-of-the-box capabilities. Studio helps in customizing the automated SAP health checks and service requests along with adding new rules to handle incidents.

Product Sheet ignio AI.ERPOps

ignio AI.ERPOps Product Sheet

ignio AI.ERPOps simplifies the operational complexity of SAP with cognitive automation. The solution enhances the SAP user experience for many critical tasks—from resolving cumbersome IDoc errors to proactively monitoring every facet of Basis management—and reduces up to 80% of errors. Download to find out more.

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ignio AI.ERPOps

ignio AI.ERPOps is an AI based insight driven product for autonomous SAP operations , catering to SAP Technical and Functional domains. It simplifies the operational complexity of SAP ERP and improves business outcomes by detecting anomalies, providing analysis with recommendations and taking actions. The product enables accurate and on-time financial reporting, sales forecast, billing and shipping that makes your enterprise intelligent and agile. Watch this video to see how ignio AI.ERPOps can help you unlock the full value of your SAP investment.

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Predict. Prescribe. Prevent.

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