High Time Organizations Consider Automation for their ERP Operations

By – Sayali Pagrut
(Product Marketing Manager | Digitate)

Before the COVID-19 outbreak, crisis management and adapting trending technologies was not the top priority for many businesses. In the current scenario, organizations irrespective of their sizes are forced to adapt to a change in the work order. Businesses are forced to work with a reduced workforce, and this is resulting in shrinking output and, in-turn, the revenues.

For the organizations using ERP, which forms the backbone for their business, running ERP operations smoothly is a big challenge. This crisis is testing the limits of business resiliency. In my previous blog, “https://digitate.com/blog/5-reasons-why-enterprises-face-tough-times-handling-erp-operations/”, we discussed the challenges faced by enterprises in managing smooth ERP operations. Now, in these uncertain times, with fewer staff and employees working from home, businesses are facing even bigger challenges. Considering the current situation, businesses are exploring options such as intelligent automation to manage smooth operations.

It is a golden opportunity for organizations dependent on ERP systems such as SAP, to consider the power of intelligent automation, especially if an enterprise is wrestling with any one of the following:

Mentioned issues lead to slow processes and reactive approach. In complex business environments, like SAP you are always surrounded by experts in their particular knowledge domain. Even then, the issues are tackled reactively – whenever they occur. Multiple stakeholders and their inherent dependencies and SLAs only further slow down the process. Come to think of it, the Mean Time to Resolution (MTTR) can be improved by implementing bots that will provide ready analysis, predict issues, and notify the correct person in charge.With the current COVID-19 crisis, it is obvious that the challenges have grown exponentially. The silos have increased, sync between teams is affected, monotony has grown, and processes have become slower. Things seem to be going in the exact opposite direction; the business would prefer to maintain the cash flow and keep the wheels rolling. From an opportunist view, this is the perfect time for businesses to make an unconventional decision to manage smooth operations. Intelligent automation can come in handy to reduce dependency, improve MTTR, minimize manual errors, make your processes gain speed and agility, and keep your customers happy. In-turn help your business grow and fight the crisis firmly, to stand out of the crowd and emerge stronger.

Check out this video to know how automation and trending technologies can play an important role in resolving ERP challenges and smoothening operations. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kQxb9AyVYNw.
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