Introducing “Solutions” for Enterprise IT

VS Joshi

By – VS Joshi

(Global Head of Product and Solutions Marketing | Digitate)

January 2022 witnessed the launch of “Dragon,” the latest release of our product portfolio. It brings new exciting modules and features to our flagship ignio™ AIOps product. In addition to enhancing our product portfolio with new features and modules, we also launched a new class of offering, called “Solutions.”

Now, “Solutions” is a word the tech industry likes to throw around. Some companies use it as a super-set or collection of existing products and services assembled to solve a big problem in a specific industry vertical or enable a business initiative.

For us, Solutions are tailored, customized subsets of our award-winning ignio products, designed to focus on specific use cases and personas. They empower organizations of any size to innovate while limiting the time and resources needed for deployment. This means a quicker path to value.

Introducing Solutions for Enterprise IT

AIOps – Features and Functionalities Galore!

Our ignio suite of products has been widely successful in solving our customer’s problems and helping them achieve substantial results. Yet while interacting with customers, we learned about the instances where only some of our products’ capabilities were being used. The other modules had never been taken out of the box, so to speak, as they were not relevant to the customer’s immediate needs.

Moreover, the pandemic and the economic upheavals of the past two years have sped up the long-term move towards digital transformation. With large segments of bricks-and-mortar shopping and services replaced by e-commerce, and millions of homes transformed to WFH offices, IT operations are more often seen as a vital frontline function, and uptime has become a top priority.

Our AIOps products, which draw on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to streamline back-end operations, prioritize alerts, eliminate false alarms, taking proactive actions can definitely help. However, many businesses do not see AI as something doable for them.

Back to the Drawing Board: Easy-start Solutions

These observations made us go back to the drawing board to reconsider how we can help our customers get a modular, quicker start with our products and derive more value from them. This inspired a series of packaged, easy-install solutions that we were proud to introduce.

These out-of-the-box solutions – IT Event Management, Business Health Monitoring, Business SLA Prediction, and IDoc Management for SAP – represent some of the most popular use cases for companies that want to maximize uptime and user experience while reducing administrative overhead.

Two of these solutions are targeted to a technical audience (IT Event Management and IDoc Management for SAP), and the others are for a business audience (Business Health Monitoring and Business SLA prediction).

A Quick Glance Through Our ‘Solutions’

  • Our IT Event Management solution addresses the event management needs of L1, L2, and L3 IT people in the command center. It focuses on a specific problem: Alert and incident overload that can be overwhelming. It provides event noise reduction, precise root cause analysis, and autonomous resolution of incidents.
  • TheIDoc Management Solution for SAP is a comprehensive IDoc management solution to detect, prioritize, diagnose, and resolve IDoc errors. It uses intelligent automation techniques to achieve flawless business data communications for customers’ SAP operations.
  • Business Health Monitoring is delivered as a pre-packaged solution for retail. It comes with certain retail industry-specific configuration decisions made before its actual implementation with our retail customer base. It provides health monitoring to check application functions at retail stores and e-commerce sites and automatically helps to diagnose and resolve unhealthy components.
  • The Business SLA Prediction solution predicts delays in business processes, gives ahead-of-time notifications, and provides recommendations to prevent outages and SLA violations.

Moving AIOps from aspirational to operational

We feel confident that our AIOps approach – drawing on the insights from AI and ML is ready to speed up, refine, and expand the reach of human IT professionals that can benefit nearly any organization of any size. As a leading research firm, Gartner points out: “There is no future of IT Operations that does not include AIOps.” One of its research also outlines hundreds of use-cases across IT operations, where AIOps can add instant value.

While fully subscribing to the benefits that AIOps can bring, we also recognize that not everyone is ready to move to full-scale AI-based operations yet. For those enterprises, we recommend the ‘baby steps’ approach: Identify specific IT pain points where AI will deliver the most value and start installing discrete, quick-start applications.

With the launch of our use case-based, need-based and persona-based solutions, we have made it easy for our prospects to adapt AIOps at a pace and budget level that they will be comfortable with. We encourage IT, professionals to look at these focused solutions and connect for a demo.

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