Smart Test Data Generation with ignio AI.Assurance

By – Rahul Pandey

(Product Marketing Manager | Digitate)

“44% of testing teams called participating in their company’s projects earlier in the lifecycle very challenging, while 43% cited handling data and test environments as very challenging”
– State of Testing report 2019 by Practitest.

In our previous blog – Keeping pace with the changes, we have explained how the market has transformed, and more so due to the Covid-19 pandemic. “Develop and launch quickly” is the new mantra for businesses. Autonomous testing of applications has become a game changing strategy with test data playing a crucial role, as most applications rely profoundly on data. The need of the hour is an autonomous testing tool with smart data generation capabilities which can help enterprises to deliver better software, faster.

ignio AI.Assurance with its unique AI capabilities enables testers to generate test data autonomously. This generated data is dynamic, realistic and requires minimum human intervention.

ignio AI.Assurance processes smart data design through the following stages:

Smart Data Validation Assist

ignio AI.Assurance helps users to define validation checks or assertions for the test cases by extracting relevant information from various software documentation. This helps test designers to rapidly complete the test case definitions by making this information available at their fingertips. These validation/assertion information are extracted from:

  • Requirement documentation
  • Code comments and snippets
  • User stories
  • Behavior driven development documents
  • Existing test scripts

Smart Data Generation

Ability to generate test data autonomously is one of the distinguishing feature of AI.Assurance. It autonomously generates input data for every field in the screen using:

  • Domain and data type understanding
  • Existing data in test environments
  • Human sample inputs

This generated data covers valid inputs for success, boundary conditions, and erroneous data for negative testing.

Using this, ignio AI.Assurance attaches various data combinations to test scenarios and create necessary test cases autonomously.

ignio AI.Assurance’s ‘smart data assist’ feature provides the following benefits:

  • Reduced dependency on customer for data: Customers are often hesitant in sharing their data or even if they do so, it comes with tedious processes of masking and contractual obligations. With current stringent data privacy rules, it becomes extremely difficult for testing teams to get access to live customer data. With ignio AI.Assurance, teams can generate realistic dynamic data to test their applications autonomously.
  • Faster testing with quick access to test data: Manual generation of test data is tedious and time consuming task. With ignio AI.Assurance, teams can generate large volumes of test data in few clicks. This will reduce the overall time taken to complete the application testing, thereby ensuring reduced time to market.
  • You do not need to be a domain expert: Deep domain and application knowledge is needed to manually create test data. Also, you need to know all the validation rules that are applied to the specified data field. ignio AI.Assurance, with its domain and data type understanding creates the test data and identifies all the validations autonomously.

“Data is a precious thing and will last longer than the systems themselves.” – Tim Berners Lee

Things are precious because they are not easily available. But imagine, if you can create good quality test data for your application in few clicks, how great would that be! You can have multiple rows of test data ready within a few seconds. Doesn’t it sound interesting? You will have all the power to test your application with as much data as you want. You will not be dependent on anyone for your test data, neither will you have to manually define the fields or enter the data, it will be done in a few seconds. And all you need is just one Click!

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